Starting March 6, 2014, all the content you have enjoyed in the Military Spouse and Military Veterans
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What’s new?
The redesigned community will make navigating the site easier, and you will be able to personalize and
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1. Navigation to the community
If you normally get to the community using the navigation at the bottom of every page, take
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You will see this new navigation after March 6, 2014:
If you normally get to the communities through bookmarks, those bookmarks will continue to work. If you
normally access through mobile, the experience should be the same as it has been.
2. A personalized view
When you visit the USAA Member Community after March 6, 2014, you will be able to customize the
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3. Multiple ways to access content


With the new design, we aim to connect you quicker to valuable information and interaction with clickable labels, a search feature and a customized view that shows you only the content you want to see.


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Howdy:  Just to let you know, right after we bought our 2013 Volkswagen Touareg, we contacted Texas USAA Assurant. Their extended comprehensive protection plan, began at 6,233 mileage and ends at 100,000. It covers everything in, on and under our vehicle, except the Key-less Transmitter.
We're covered for 60 months or 100,000 mileage on odometer. 
Coverage carries ZERO Deductible, both drivers, toll-free phone number for 24/7 and available 4 Month Plan Purchase Automatic Payment With-Out Finance Charges.
      Zero Deductible          $100 Per Component
      4 - Month Payment        24 - Month Payment 
      Plan Without             Plan With Finance 
      Finance Charges          Charges 
Check it out and compare.
J D 
Karen Evans
Regular Contributor

On the Legacy Stories page of displayed Posts, why are there Posts which have nothing to do with that subject?

Karen Evans
Regular Contributor

I have experienced error messages when trying to post a comment or a Legacy Story.  The latest today occured in typing a comment, hitting preview, and  receiving the following message:

An Unexpected Error has occurred.
  • Sorry, your request failed. A notification has been sent to the development team for investigation.

    Exception ID: 3145AA4C

    Please click the Back button on your browser.

Are you having trouble with the system and is anyone else experiencing these issues?
USAA Social Service
USAA Service
USAA Service

This post has been moved to the Banking Support board so that the appropriate team may assist.