Communities on are changing

Starting March 6, 2014, all the content you have enjoyed in the Military Spouse and Military Veterans
communities will be combined into one place: the USAA Member Community. Why the change? To give
you easier access to topics you care about and to interactions with other members like you. You will still
find all of the great discussion and blogs you’ve enjoyed over the last few years. We’ve just reorganized
to make the community easier to use.
What’s new?
The redesigned community will make navigating the site easier, and you will be able to personalize and
customize the content to surface topics that interest you. New features include:
1. Navigation to the community
If you normally get to the community using the navigation at the bottom of every page, take
note. Instead of this..
You will see this new navigation after March 6, 2014:
If you normally get to the communities through bookmarks, those bookmarks will continue to work. If you
normally access through mobile, the experience should be the same as it has been.
2. A personalized view
When you visit the USAA Member Community after March 6, 2014, you will be able to customize the
content you see. In the new design, you will be able to click the ”Personalize” tab at the top of the main
page and choose the topics that interest you. Save your preferences, and the next time the Member
Community home page refreshes for you, it will contain only the content you want to see.


3. Multiple ways to access content


With the new design, we aim to connect you quicker to valuable information and interaction with clickable labels, a search feature and a customized view that shows you only the content you want to see.


Share Your Thoughts


Be sure to watch for the new design, debuting on March 6, 2014. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.