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  • Introducing USAA Labs: Member-driven innovation

    We recently had the chance to talk about the new USAA Labs with Christee Kahn, a Strategic Innovation Manager at USAA. In the interview below, she highlights how USAA is looking to involve members in USAA innovations for the future.

  • How to Help a Young Person Choose a College

    Decrease the stress in college admission today by applying early, finding 8-12 schools to apply for admissions, having all your financial aid requests ready, and creating a final list based on acceptance, outcomes, and total cost.

  • Military Saves Week: Time to Start Early, Start Small and Stay Committed

    Financial readiness is critical to mission readiness - it all starts with a plan: Start Early, Start Small and Stay Committed. Military Saves Week is a great time to start.

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    Coaching Your Student Athlete from the Sidelines

    Feb 23, 2017

    Someday the final whistle or buzzer will sound and your high school student athlete might face the next level of sports and academics. Check out these three ways to prepare now to support your college student athlete.


    Realistic Places to Cut Spending

    Feb 20, 2017

    Finding ways to cut down spending can be a challenge, however the best way to start is by cutting down on your already budgeted monthly expenses.


    DITY Diaries

    Feb 8, 2017

    Besides some of the obvious perks, there is NOTHING easy about making a move on your own. I asked fellow military spouses about their memorable DITY moments and I can safely say I do not see another one in our PCSing future!

    Don’t Let Student Debt Impact Retirement

    Feb 22, 2017

    Helping a child or a grandchild determine what their best path in higher education will be is a rewarding task. That reward comes from helping determine if they can complete college. Finding a college with a great career outcome at a reasonable cost, and offering limited financial support that will not endanger your retirement

    USAA, you let me down

    Feb 27, 2017

    First let me start with this - I love USAA. I recommend you to everyone, have adult children signed up and one of the happiest mom...

    Upset Long Term USAA Member -

    Feb 27, 2017

    Dear Mr. Parker, My family and I are long-term USAA customers and I want to share with you a recent negative experience that has y...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. This is definitely disappointing to hear. I will forwarded y...

    Sick of the rude customer service

    Feb 27, 2017

    I currently have a 10 day hold on MY money. I called begging for them to release the hold on my one could help me.. this ...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    I regret hearing of the financial impact this hold has created for you, Danielle3. Most deposits are subject to holds a...

    The Important Milestones of a Military Family

    Feb 17, 2017

    These important milestones created are unique to our very own military life. It has provided guidance, insight and comfort. Helping us to cope with loss, separation and love along the way.

    Auto Loan

    Feb 27, 2017

    Recently took out an auto loan. USAA told me that I would not have to make payments till March 10th. 30-60 days out. I took the fu...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Oh goodness, Ed35! I can certainly understand how this can be frustrating for you. Thank you for bringing this to our a...

    Mortgage refi disaster

    Feb 27, 2017

    We have been using multiple services with USAA for years. We recently had our first very unpleasant experience. We attempted a ref...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Member97, We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us in the Community regarding your mortgage experience. Our...

    USAA will not get my full business

    Feb 27, 2017

    After having a Executive Support representative call me to apologize for screwing up my account and access, a check issued by USAA...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Hi Chip, I can see you're upset with the handling of your account. We certainly don't want to lose your business. I wil...

    Tagging Along on a Detachment

    Feb 16, 2017

    If you get the opportunity to meet your active duty counterpart somewhere new while they are training, I encourage you to make travel plans. In my opinion, if you are able to break up the amount of days they are gone with a visit or port call, the deployment / separation will go a lot smoother.

    Bumper sticker

    Feb 27, 2017

    I have two vehicles, can I have two bumper stickers please?

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Tmdwyer - Thank you for your post in our Community. As you requested, I ordered two stickers. You should receive the st...

    My USAA Credit Card Account asking for a W-9

    Feb 27, 2017

    I've never had this issue with any of my credit card accounts. It's asking me to also verify my SSN. Wouldn't that information be ...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    itsMedusa, Sometimes it is necessary for us to receive this information to be in compliance with the US Patriot Act. If...

    Please Help us, one-on-one, to Create a Monthly Budget

    Feb 26, 2017

    Hello, my wife and I are really attempting to buckle down on our bill paying timeliness. In addition, I need help reining in a lot...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    ArkansasMarine - Thank you for your post in our community. The USAA Member Advice and Solutions Center can help you wit...

    Car inaurance

    Feb 26, 2017

    We bought a car recently and needed a cosigner, does that person need to be insured on the car as well? Even if they don't live wi...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Beasty - It is not necessary to have the co-signer insured on the policy but there are variables. If there is no access...

    Dividend Check 2016

    Nov 29, 2016

    Has it been determined if checks will be sent out this year? Thank you.

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Thank you for your membership, lars of Washington! It's an honor to be able to serve you! -Meredith
    lars of washington's avatar
    lars of washington
    I see several complaints or not so friendly responses here but as far as I know no other auto insurance offers any reba...


    Dec 14, 2016

    Hello,What is the story behind this"loophole "that is closing in March or May next year?If is legit how do you invest in it?Thanks...

    lazarito's avatar
    What is the big deal about this program? IS IT REAL?
    NCOIC1's avatar
    Does anyone have any information on the 26(f) program?

    Usaa is different than it was

    Dec 22, 2016

    Is it just me or has USAA changed? They (we) used to be a top notch outfit, leading the charge. Now it seems like it's a normal ba...

    RetiredSFC's avatar
    I know I said a bit ago that was my last post but I just want to chime in with you. I think you are right on, I remembe...
    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Thank you Millsbuddy07 for taking the time to provide your concerns and this isn’t the experience we want our members t...

    Senior Bonus

    Feb 8, 2017

    Has a decision been made regarding a payment of the Senior Bonus for this year? If not, when is it supposed to be made?

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Hi Ed1954! As requested, a secured message has been sent to you with additional information. This can be found under My...
    Ed1954's avatar
    Dear Sirs,Can I also get an email detailing when the Senior Bonus will be distributed?ThanksEd

    USAA 2016 SSA Dividend is NOT really out of line

    Dec 9, 2016

    I've been a member for over 40 years. I have kept a record of my SSA balance and yearly dividends since 1997. Apparenlty USAA has ...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Catastrophic claims can affect both home and auto rates depending on location RCD. If a rate increase has affected your...
    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    RCD, I understand you have concerns regarding the SA Dividend, membership and rates. I will be happy to send your conce...

    Sick of USAA

    Jan 5, 2017

    I'm getting really tired of USAA putting "holds" on a physical check that I have to deposit through the mobile app. I'm usually di...

    Salkman's avatar
    FWIW - here's a petition I posted to ask USAA to change the credit card holds. Can be amended to ask them to change the...
    FullBird's avatar
    ArmyVetOnline: You are confused. You never had a $100,000 Deposit@Mobile daily check deposit limit. The highest availab...

    Visa chip card not working in Hong Kong for my student ei...

    Jan 5, 2017

    My daughter is studying in Hong Kong. She had her ATM card blocked after sending the new VISA chip card. This caused quite an inco...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    China Coastie this is fantastic news! I'm so happy you were able to locate an ATM in Hong Kong to complete the withdraw...
    China Coastie's avatar
    China Coastie
    Update: Some Success. Tried it this last visit. We were in a more "local" area (Wong Tai Sin). The listed bank didn't w...

    Unable to Deposit

    Dec 26, 2016

    Very disappointing to be unable to deposit Christmas checks either via @mobile or online the day after Christmas. Pretty bad time ...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Time Traveler - I'm sorry to hear of the issues you experienced when using the USAA mobile app. Pease reach out to Webs...
    Time Traveler's avatar
    Time Traveler
    For more than a week, my USAA mobile app has been unable to connect to the internet, although the other apps have no pr...

    Mobile deposit

    Dec 20, 2016

    Does it seriously take 8 days for a deposited check to clear?? I have no bank near me and can't wait 8 days to pay my bills.

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    NSueZ, We appreciate you elaborating on your experience. This is not the way we want our members to feel. Your comments...
    NSueZ's avatar
    Actually I left a message via e-mail and voice mail - zero response. How's that for great customer service? It does not...


    Jan 18, 2017

    My 1098 from Nationstar only shows the last 3 months worth of mortgage activity since that is when they began servicing the accoun...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Puzzled, We regret any confusion caused by the receipt of your 1098. This is certainly not the way we want our members ...
    Puzzled's avatar
    Now I'm really puzzled. It appears that USAA/NSM has decided to make the part year 1098's from DMI available via the mo...
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