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Repeated Bank Fraud

Unbelievably frustrated and desperate. Someone hacked my USAA account at 2:30am and created 2 SIGNIFICANTLY LARGE checks using "Online Bill Payment Processing Center" via my USAA accounts which were then immediately cashed in FL. When I reported the ...

Identity and Profile Fraud

Since September of 2021, four different "names" have been added my to personal profile. Each time this happens (and it always a new name), I call USAA. The amount of time spent on the phone trying to find out and understand HOW this keeps happening i...


I have been a USAA member for, I think more than 60 years and it appears you don't want me to continue. With advancing years, together with the loud bangs when shipboard guns fired, my hearing is absolutely not compatible with use of telephone. You h...

Hello I have an open renters claim for a broken window

My landlord is named on policy as additionally insuredI took care of the emergency board up/ repair as it was wintertime andFreezing . How do get reimbursed for my receipts for the board Ip I had to pay for? Thx Dave Stern

USAA Leadership is a FAILURE

My American Express was compromised. Over a dozen purchases to a Walgreens in New Jersey and I reside in Charlotte, NC. My Amex was also declined on numerous occasions over the last 4 months with a zero balance and 18K limit. Once was at dinner with ...

Poor Service

Received e-mail saying USAA had increased the credit limit on my credit card. I did not ask for the limit increase and have told them numerous times in the past not to increase it and if I wanted it increased, I would ask for it. Tried to send messag...

Lien card

Estimated time when the lien card will be sent for recently paid off vehicle, thank you.

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