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Quarterly schedules for bill pay -- WHEN is it coming back???

I'm really sick and tired of the web site "Improvements" breaking things.It's been a while since I inadvertently cancelled a scheduled bill pay for my Life Insurance, only to learn that once you cancel one, you can no longer create another. What imme...

Bill Pay & Holidays - Web design problem

I've ran into this problem a couple of times, so wanted to let the community know in case they also have this issue: When you use the "Pay Bills" feature, you have the option to select a date that is really a banking holiday. I ran into this a couple...

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House Insurance

Family member was trying to join & be under our umbrella as a member, but had a bad representative assist her she give him all the information he ask for also she called my mother in a three way call to confirm if she was related to my mother. This g...

This Community will disappear, no surprise

https://communities.usaa.com/t5/Money-Matters/The-USAA-Community-is-Retiring/ba-p/[removed sensitive data] The above post by USAA is no surprise. It is well hidden, so the powers that be remain steadfast in their unwillingness to respond in any posit...

No email option for service?

How on earth can an online-only bank not allow its customers to use email to communicate with the bank? Instead, I am forced into using the chat-bot, then forced into a chat, which takes up more time overall. What's worse, I was told that the represe...

Hail proof car cover

Any chance of USAA giving a discount or a credit to purchase a hail proof car cover?

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