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DL annuity

How can I get a copy of my annual annuity statement?

check mailing date

In Bill Pay, I entered a payment to a vendor on Jan 13 with an expected arrival date of Jan 23. The check as not yet cleared, and when I go to the Bill Pay section and examine the Payment Detail for that transaction, I see "Paid by Mail — Your Paymen...

USAA In-House Solution for Transferring Funds to Friends/Family?

I know USAA supports Zelle for transferring funds to friends/family. I have a lot of friends and family who also bank at USAA like us. Question: Is there a native in-house USAA solution for occasionally sending funds to a friend or family also bankin...

export transactions limit

I went to export my VISA card transactions from last year to a csv file. I selected to do the entire year, but only got back as far as June of 2022. Curiously, it was exactly 500 transactions. So, I went back and did a second export from Jan to June,...

Old credit card debt

I had a credit card through USAA (Mastercard). I was way behind in paying it off. I do not see it any longer under my profile. How can I find out about it so I can begin paying it off? I am not sure if it was turned over to a collection agency. Pleas...

Fraud Round Two

Because it wasn't enough to have $1000 stolen out of his account - my son's account has again had fraudulent charges on it. This makes at least 4-5 times that his account has been hit since he had a USAA bank account. I don't know what the security i...

No understanding with certain disability

Dear @poor beyond help This post has been moved from the “Discuss: Car” area to the "Support: Insurance" area to ensure the appropriate team is addressing your post. Thank you.

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