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Renting out my home

Apr 24, 2017

Hi I live in Miami, we are being deployed I want to rent out my home and I'm trying to figured out a good management rental compan...

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USAA Social Service
MChan- Good afternoon. I attempted to contact you using your home and mobile phone and left a voicemail on both with th...

Rent a house Portland, Oregon

Apr 12, 2017

Family Reunion in Portland, Oregon week ofJuly 17, 2017. Laurelhurst Area?

Townhouse for Rent in Manayunk, Philadelphia 5 beds 2 ba...

Apr 12, 2017

Townhouse for Rent in Manayunk, Philadelphia5 beds 2 baths 2,012 sqft $1850.00 per monthBeautiful spacious 3 Bedroom 2 full Bath R...

need help

Mar 10, 2017

how do I apply for a debit card with USAA?

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USAA Social Service
Katrina97, Hi there! To obtain a debit card, you would need to open a checking account. Debit cards are only linked to ...

Pet coverage

Nov 16, 2016

Hello, I know usaa covers pet damages with renters insurance, does this include pet stains? How do we get that reimbursed if we ha...

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USAA Social Service
Thank you for the post Katharineh, and for this question you would need to speak to a claims agent at 1-800-531-8722. T...

Is it worth it?

Oct 10, 2016

I am tired of renting? Is it worth purchasing a home at 45?

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USAA Social Service
Hi ArmyPrincess1, thank you for posting in our community. We'd love to speak with you about your home purchase question...

Credit check

Jul 14, 2016

How do I do a credit check for a prospective tenant for my rental home?

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Briana Hartzell USAA
Hi Madge23, Thank you for posting! Here is the information we provide on Tenant Screening:
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Transunion not transition

Smoke residue from tenants not covered!

Jul 1, 2016

I just had to evict terrible tenants who violated the lease and left it smelling like an ashtray. I tried to claim it as vandalism...

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Frustrated ex ref
I did speak to someone today, who tried to explain that despite my policy declaring that "vandalism and malicious misch...
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Frustrated Ex Ref - Good morning and Happy 4th of July! In reviewing your account, I do see where a request for a callb...

Pet liability coverage

Feb 19, 2016

Does my rental insurance cover pet liability coverage for my pitbulls? If so where can I get proof for my landlord?

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If you find out that your insurance doesn't cover liability for your dog you can either get another renters policy that...
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If you have a Pitbull, any insurance will be difficult to get if at all. Pitbulls are number one on the list of dogs li...

Question on PCS orders and early termination of a rental ...

Feb 8, 2016

As we well know, military members are required to show orders if they need early termination of a rental contract. My renters have...

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It is possible they faked the orders to get out of the lease. I have heard of people doing that before. If they know so...
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Hi, Thanks so much for your response. I've never had direct contact with my tenants because the PM company handled ever...
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