14 PCS Tips From Veteran Military Spouses

Most military members move every two to three years and each move comes with lessons learned. What if you could learn those lessons head of time and make each move less stressful? These are the top 14 tips from military spouses who have between them over 40+ Military Moves. 



14 PCS Tips From Veteran Military Spouses

Tip #1: Hand carry sheet and towels: Temporary lodging often lacks the essentials!

Tip #2:  Board your pets: This helps keep your pets out of harms way on moving day and from running off!

Tip #3:  Get connected: Join social media pages for your new instillation as well as spouses groups.

Tip #4:  Hand carry cleaning supplies: You may need them when you arrive in your new home.

Tip #5:  Personally transport important belongings: irreplaceable or valuable items (including important documents).

Tip #6:  Track all items. Make sure every item or box has a manifest sticker on it.

Tip #7:  Get contact numbers. Keep the driver and moving company contacts close at hand.

Tip #8:  Move items only once. Color code boxes to coordinate to a specific room for unloading and unpacking.

Tip #9: Get travel reservations. Pre-book hotels that fit in military's lodging allotment.

Tip #10:  Keep payments flowing. Let your financial institutions know you are moving.

Tip #11:  Keep kids entertained. Hand carry some toys for kids (and pets)

Tip #12:  Maintain a household list. Save photos, barcodes and model numbers of high value items.

Tip #13:  Separate your items. Make a room or closet a "no pack zone".

Tip #14:  Write it down. Save these tips for you new move and add lessons learned! 


14 PCS Tips From Military Spouses USAA Community.pngThe Community Manager team wanted to add two additional tips!

Tip #15:  Be Present at packout: If possible, ensure both you and your service member are present for the pack out and delivery for a smoother experience. More hands make for lighter (and better packed) work! - Wendy

Tip #16: Organize before packout The moves where I had things organized beforehand were so much smoother. I made an entire room of breakables that I asked be packed with care- nothing was broken! - Briana


For more information about making your next PCS as smooth as possible, please visit http://www.usaa.com/MilitaryMoving


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Originally published in 2021 updated in 2022