Problems with USAa

Problems with USAa

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Seems to me USAA is setup for Officers. Thay don't respect people. One more strike and Iam done with them.Stand up and back your commercials.

Re: Problems with USAa

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I have to disagree with ya, everyone I talk to at USAA has been very nice and helpful in all the questions I had... They also gave me good advice, also they cleared up all questions I had

Re: Problems with USAa

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Yeah. Maybe a change of attitude would really improve your experience. I am enlisted, have been for 6 years. USAA has coached me through some financial tough spots, for free. Their banking system is extremely user friendly and handy. Technologically I would say being a single branch bank they are leaps and bounds above all other banks except potentially your main-stream national banks (j.p. morgan, US bank, etc.) But USAA benefits sets them apart.

Re: Problems with USAa

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As a 10+ member of USAA, I have seen a steep decline in thier customer care.  I'm defitely shopping for a better bank.  Just Google military banks and any one of them will offer you a better customer experience than USAA.


I never thought I would feel this way about a bank I once thought was the next best thing to sliced bread, but I now feeling that USAA is taking advantage of our service men and women for private benefit.


I called today with a problem and I was told the bank's policy is to not be helpful unless the bank was at fault.  I can't remember the last time I called a company for help and the first words out of their mouth was to quote their anti-customer, policy.  Yes, the problem ended up being a bank error, however the CS agent refused to say those words.  An, "I'm sorry, I see we made a mistake and we are sorry" would have gone a long way.  Instead, I got, "we took care of the problem, what more do you want?"  The answer....an apology.


Yes, attitude is important, but the majority of CS agents I have run across lately could care less about the customer.

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