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Updated: May 2, 2022


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Now through June, all members will be provided access to USAA’s updated mobile app with a new look and new features. We recently had the chance talk about the new USAA app with Mike Nickel, Executive Director of Digital Products for USAA. Check out our conversation:


Wendy: Mike, thank you for taking the time to tell us more about the new USAA app. Why is the app changing?


Mike: Thanks for having me here in Community. Through member research we learned members want more personalization – what they get when they call in to our Member Service Representatives and Insurance professionals. They want to find things fast and to make it easy to manage their money. In addition, we know that technology is evolving, and we want the app to be ready to integrate with changes as they come.


Wendy: What are some of the key changes?


Mike: 98% of all transactions on the app are now accessible with two taps or less. And we’ve put the more common things that members want to do on the home screen in context, right where their accounts are. We also built a new search engine using the latest natural language technology to make sure we understand their intent. We didn’t want members to have to type keywords to find what they’re looking for. This works with our virtual assistant.


Wendy: When will members be able to download the latest app?


Mike: We began providing the new app features to a small percentage of members April 5 and will continue to slowly release it to all members until we reach 100% of the membership by June 2022. Members who choose to auto-update applications on their phone will not need to do anything to see the new features. Others may need to manually update the app on their phone.


Wendy: What do members need to do if they are not seeing the latest app?


Mike: If a member received an email about the update but does not see the latest version of the app, check which app version you are currently on. (Profile > scroll down to Version). If the member is on the latest version, they will need to force close the app. The member can confirm the latest app version in the app store.


How to force close (iOS): From the Home Screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle of the screen. The member will see all open apps and their preview. Select the USAA App and swipe vertically to force close the app.


How to force close (Android): Open Settings > Apps > select USAA App > Force Stop


Wendy: Are members able to customize the home screen?


Mike: Yes, with this new update members can Select, Arrange and Hide Accounts.


How to Select, Arrange and Hide Accounts: Scroll to the bottom of “Home” and select “Customize”. Here the member can rename, rearrange and hide/show accounts and balance.  


Check out these videos highlighting the new USAA Mobile App:


Maggie - USAA Mobile App: New Look. New Features.
We’re upgrading our mobile app to make it faster, more personalized and adding smart search.

Dina – USAA Mobile App: Two-tap standard

Everything’s a tap or two away in the app.


Nate – USAA Mobile App: ATM Locator Update

Check out the upgrades to our ATM locator.

Carla – USAA Mobile App: Top of mind to top of app

Travel alerts, unfinished applications and other important info will now appear on the home screen.


Stacy – USAA Mobile App: Smart Search

The app predicts what you’re searching for as you type or talk.

Lonnie – USAA Mobile App: Strong foundation

Less time waiting for the app to load.


To learn more about the USAA app features visit the USAA App information page.


If you have questions about the new app, let us know in the comments and we’ll work to get you the answers and share your feedback!


About the Community: The USAA Member Community is place where members can access USAA information 24/7 and connect with other members. One of our goals in Community is to be a knowledge base where our membership comes when they need clarification or have questions on any military life topic or questions regarding a service USAA provides.


Mike Nickel, USAA Executive Director of Digital Products. Photo by John LillMike Nickel, USAA Executive Director of Digital Products. Photo by John LillMore about Mike Nickel:

Mike started with USAA 28 years ago serving as a claims adjuster. In 1999, he moved into the newly created E-Commerce organization to work on the first iteration of and has worked in the digital field ever since. When Mike isn’t working on USAA’s digital experiences, he and his wife Christina are busy working on the family ranch and managing six adult kids and one granddaughter.  






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