Keeping Distractions at Bay While Driving

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A recent report* from USAA shows that smartphones are still being used for more than just phone calls while in the car. In fact, non call distractions are three times more likely to occur than phone calls.


How can you keep digital distractions at bay in the car?


Fast Facts:

81% of drivers read and type text messages while driving.

50% drivers say their smartphone is essential for getting around.

7 in 10 use social media while driving.


What can you do to keep driving distractions at bay?

1. Use your phone's built-in tools. Set your phone to "DO Not DIsturb" mode.

2. Don't cut corners. Avoid texting or using your phone in the stop-and-go.

3. If it's an emergency, pull over. No call is worth jeopardizing the safety of you and your passengers.

4. Preset your navigation and any preferences. Try to reduce the amount of time you spend fiddling with map apps and other systems while driving. 

5. Recruit a navigator. If you're driving with a passenger, enlist them to perform navigation and other tasks like climate control and audio selection, which will also keep them more focused on the drive and everyone in the car safer. 


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