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I recently had the chance to talk about the new USAA Labs with Christee Kahn, a Strategic Innovation Manager at USAA. In the interview below, she highlights how USAA is looking to involve members in USAA innovations for the future. Check out our conversation below:


Wendy: Christee, thank you for taking time to tell us more about USAA Labs. What is USAA Labs?


Christee: USAA Labs is an exciting initiative for our team. It is a vibrant community for our members that showcases newly launched innovations and awards. It gives our members the opportunity to innovate by providing feedback on our new innovations, concepts and exclusive pilots.


Wendy: Who can participate in USAA Labs? And, do you need a special invitation?


Christee: USAA Labs is open to all USAA members with online access to


Wendy:  What can members expect to see when they visit the website?


Christee: USAA Labs will showcase some of our most recent innovations and innovation awards. Members will also have the opportunity to enroll in pilot programs, which will give them early access to exciting new features, products, services and tools being developed by USAA. The feedback provided by members participating in these pilot programs is extremely valuable and may be used to make improvements to innovations before they’re made available to all members.


Wendy:  What kinds of actions can USAA members do within USAA Labs?


Christee: Members will discover and learn about new and exciting innovations, products, services and tools that are currently available as well as some that are in development. They’ll have the opportunity to vote on specific ideas and concepts developed by our business teams, join pilot programs, provide input and utilize new tools and products that USAA is testing. USAA Labs is creating a community of innovators that will continue to grow and evolve as we add more content and functionality.


Wendy:  When is the best time to share an idea?


Christee: We’re constantly adding new features and content to USAA Labs. In the future, members will have the ability to submit their ideas and there will be a process in place to collect feedback and evaluate those ideas. Currently, members can only innovate with us by engaging in specific ideas, concept questions and pilot programs we present to them on the website. 


Wendy:  Why is innovation important to USAA?


Christee: Innovation has always been a key part of USAA’s success. In 1922 when USAA was founded, 25 Army officers found themselves without auto insurance, so they came together and overcame that challenge with an innovative idea—they decided to insure each other. USAA has maintained that innovative spirit for more than 95 years and developed a very successful internal innovation program for our employees. Thousands of ideas have been submitted and implemented, improving every aspect of our company. USAA Labs is focused on creating a member community to foster that same innovative spirit, extending our culture of innovation, and allowing our members to help ensure the future success of USAA.


Wendy:  Where do Members go to learn more and to participate?


Christee: USAA Labs is available to members today by going to We encourage all members to visit USAA Labs, log-in and be part of member innovation community.



Meet the USAA Labs Team:
Left to Right: Christee Kahn, Strategic Innovation Manager; Rochelle Tijerina, Director Product Management; Kevin McAdams, Strategic Innovation Manager





More about Christee Kahn:
Christee has been a USAA employee for 4.5 years. She enjoys her current position as a Strategic Innovation Manager at USAA where she supports the USAA Labs program.  Christee has experience managing digital products, software testing and event planning. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Information Systems, from the University of the Incarnate Word. In her spare time, Christee enjoys doing freelance makeup and spending time with her nieces, nephew and her miniature Yorkie, Ella.



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Why is there not any new posts about the USAALABS and innovation at USAA? Did USAA give up on innovation?

Briana Hartzell USAA

Hi @dosnits

Thanks for taking the time to post.


USAA Labs is up and running and you can find ongoing pilots and challenges here:


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