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Chip and pin card

Nov 21, 2017

Could anyone tell me if the credit cards and debit cards are chip and pin or chip and signature. Reason I’m asking is because most...

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Army wife85
Thank you for your info. Happy thanksgiving.
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USAA Social Service
Army wife85, If the gas merchant request a PIN once the card is inserted, then the PIN that you established for the car...

Held money

Nov 18, 2017

This is some BS USAA reps told me that they can’t give me my money through a deposit because they need to collect the money first....

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USAA Social Service
Adeeberg, we understand this is frustrating. Please understand a deposit hold is needed to ensure collection of funds p...
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Marjority of my deposit was held! Out over $3000 they have me $400. I call BS. This is horrible, and for you guys to te...

Withholding Taxes

Nov 18, 2017

Fellow USAA Memebers: I have a non-IRA (taxable) mutual fund account comprised of six USAA mutual funds. As we approach the end of...

I am DONE with this "bank"

Nov 16, 2017

I wrote my son a check for * He is also a USAA member and deposited it into hiss USAA account . SAME BANK MY CHECK WAS ON! The pul...

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Not the Same Bank
Same thing happened to me at the beginning of the month, Member to Member check. Funds withdrawn immediately from his a...

I want my money back!!!!

Nov 16, 2017

USAA take your money... They do confusing things with your account...I pay bills on the day my husband disability check goes in th...

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USAA Social Service
Hello Another_Dissatisfied, I have received your message regarding funds hold on a check you issued to your son, who al...
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I wrote my son - also a USAA account. Same bank! They are holding his check * yet pulled it from my account immediately...

Pay Off My Mortgage?

Nov 15, 2017

I am about to be in a position to pay off the mortgage for my primary home and then essentially to be debt free with the exception...

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Sgt Bo
If you pay off the mortgage, you will be able to do a “debt free scream” on the Dave Ramsey radio show.. he always says...

Buying & Flipping properties with others money!

Nov 14, 2017

If you have an opportunity to get involved with Fortune Builders , this is a legitimate way to finally be the one that gets to mak...

Unable to apply for anything online

Nov 10, 2017

I am trying to apply for insurance and and the USAA credit card and it tells me I am unable to - states you have to be an eligible...

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USAA Social Service
Thanks for your post and interest in USAA Jimps. I appreciate you sharing this information of your father, and am sorry...

Suggestion - Guest Advisor Account Access

Nov 8, 2017

Dear USAA,There are many younger generation members of my family that are just starting to get interested in investing, but they d...

Snow Bird

Nov 6, 2017

Why doesn’t USAA do RV loans for Snowbirds?I called and asked about a loan for a motorhome. CSA asks if I’m gonna live in it. Answ...

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USAA Social Service
I regret we do not have bank officers available via the social media channel, please contact our loan originations team...
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Thanks for your responses.I understand now that USAA will not make a loan for a RV of any type. I think that the interp...
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