USAA Residential real estate program FAIL

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Sounds good, huh.....get a rebate after closing on a home if I use a "certified" USAA realtor. Who wouldn't want to take part in this? Well, it seems the AGENTS don't want to take part in it. They have to sacrifice a seemingly significant part of their commission so where is the motivation for them to actually show me property? Or, even call me?


Three agents, three failures. First one signs me up for listings to be sent daily, then dissappears. Not once did she call to follow up, ask if I wanted to see property - nada. Weeks pass, I ask her to set up the alerts so I get property as soon as it hits the MLS (Sellers market here, remember?). She replies she's on vacation and will do it next week. I ended our non-relationship that moment.

Agent #2 lasted 5 minutes. When he decided he knew better as to where I should live, and refused to send me listings where I acutally wanted to live, I was done. Calling the Residential program department asking for yet another agent was a challenge when a new rep gave me an attitude along with a whole lot of misinformation. I can hardly believe this is a USAA program. What happened to the impeccable customer service USAA is known for?


Agent #3 did the same as #1, only worse. She set me up for 10 alerts in the 10 areas I requested, except she did not kno whow to arrange then to be sent in one email. So I received TEN daily emails. When I asked her to revises it so I only receive one email with all 10 zones, she never reponded but the emails were reduced to two - and included only two zones. She also never called me again. See, I am in the under $200k market, and well, I guess that's not enough to make anyone work for a lousy commission.


So, I went to work for myself. Since a sellers market means a buyer MUST be at a property within moments of it hitting the market, I used the MLS for myself. I found a property, called the list agent, offered full price and the deal was done. The agent is wonderful, went to bat for me, stays in touch daily. She gets a double commission, and although I do not receive the rebate from USAA, I got a nice home.


What a disappoitment, USAA. You should know how to do this by now. I also chose not to use USAA mortgage for my loan. Imagine all the money USAA lost out on from their loss of rebate, and the loan fees. 


Learn better.




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