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I setup a bill to be paid in advance.  I can find no place on the site where that information is availbale for me to view our change.  Only if I try the setup the exact amount on the exact same date as a prior pre-payment do I get a message that a pre-pay request is already loaded for that amount on that day.  This is really bad.  

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@Chip2453, I am happy to help you. I would like to send you a private message. So that we may assist you further, please turn on the private messaging feature. To do this, please click on your user ID in member community.  click on settings > preferences > private messenger > click on the box that  says "turn on private messages."  This will allow us to communicate and keep your information private

you can certainly send us a PM by selecting the drop down menu next to your name at the top right of the screen and select  “Send New Message” by clicking the envelope icon in the same drop down.