Taking Care of Loyal Members

I have been a USAA member since I got my drivers permit at 14. I have had a whole slew of accounts with USAA in both banking and insurance. 4 years ago My husband and I were trying to buy a home. We got a pre-approval through USAA and had every intention of financing through them, however we were purchasing a brand new home and financing through the builder gave us some perks that USAA couldn't match. We were dissapointed but really wanted the house. While doing our financing witht he builder, we were offered an interest rate that was very high and unnacceptable. I spoke with a USAA representative and he, knowing we could not finance with USAA, called on our behalf and got our interest rate reduced through the builder. He told them of our great credit and about the offer, lower rate and all, USAA was going to offer us and the builder in turn lowered their rate offer by 2%. It was re-assuring to know that even though we weren't obtaining that specific loan with USAA, they were still willing to help us get the best offer we could. When given the opportunty we ALWAYS look to USAA first. They clearly care about helping us get what's best. It is customer service like that that has kept us loyal members. Keep up the good work USAA!!
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