I have been a member for more than 13 years. I have also been satisfied with the service USAA has provided me, until now. I got stranded with a broken down car and no one contacted me till one week after, to tell me that there may be nothing USAA can cover. I'm so frustrated I'm thinking about banking with Nsvy Federal. Just gotta find a better insurance ckmpany. Does anyone have a good ideas for a better insurance ckmpany?


I too had an experience like you; however after changing insurance and banks because of my dissatisfaction I realalized how much better and less expensive USAA really is. I changed back to USAA in less than 3 months.

After 13 years with us, we're sorry to hear you're considering leaving USAA. Did you have a chance to  share your feedback regarding the lack of communication? If not, please send a message using this link and we'll have a specialist contact you soon.