First of all, I would like to thank all of the prior posts regarding ADT's business all gave me a hightened sense of awareness that prevented me from making a huge mistake.


Though I researched the complaints, I found several other similar complaints for almost every local home security agency in my area.  Based on USAA's endorsement of ADT, I mistakenly gave them the benefit of the doubt and called them.  I discussed at length the sstem I was interested in over the phone (primarily the pulse option) and after some negotiation agreed on a system/price.  Essentially the system was free plus a $149 install fee for the pulse (which I was mislead to believe included a camera and light/thermostat control from my phone).  Additionally I had to pay a $25 permit fee for the active monitoring tothe city of Wichita, which I understood and agreed to.


When the installers showed up, they were professional and courtious.  After a quick walk through of the home, they got to work dsconnecting my old wired system and setting up the new system.  They then sat down with me and tried to sell me $3600 of additional equipment they said they I needed for my home.  That was a instant no-go, I expained I was interested in only in what I agreed to over the phone.  We discussed the system I had agreed to, and once again came to an agreement.  While they were working I began asking the questions about the pulse system, camera location and downloading the app to my phone.  This is where everything went south.


Apparently (never explained by the sales rep), there are multiple "levels" of the pulse system.  The light/thermostat control was not even available in Wichita.  The camera is "level 2" and the equipment/install costs double for it.  So all the $149.00 "system" gets you is an app for your phone to enable/disable the alarm, and set up alerts to send you text messages when the system is triggered (with active monitoring, I would have expected at least a phone call anyway).  Quickly recognizing the bait and switch, I explained the situation to the installers and requested them stop the installation.  They responded with high-pressure sales tactics, which I simply do not respond well to.  After an extended back and forth conversation, I was finally able to get them to stop and remove the equipment they had already put in.


I was left with my old security system disabled.....I will have to do some significant study to learn how to get it back up and running, and a hole in my wall where they had put the control panel.  I had prepaid the install costs for them to come out.....I am preparing myself for a long battle to recover that money.


In conclusion, I would like to again thank all of the previous people kind enough to take the time to warn other members of USAA about ADT.  I would also like to join their call for USAA to sever their relationship with ADT (and any other company) that uses these deceitful business practices.  I hope that you the reader of this post, if it does not stop you from calling ADT, it at least gives you the awareness to prevent any wrongdoing from your home security company.


In 2009I had ADT in my Fayetteville apt while stationed at Ft. Bragg since I was on TDY a lot. In 2011, I gave them 30 days notice that I was moving and deploying to OEF. It took them 6 months to acknowledge that I moved and kept billing me. Thought it was taken care of until I recently checked my credit and they have the nerve to say that I owe over $600. HORRIBLE business practices that do not deserve USAA's endorsement.
Try your states consumer agency they should help in mediating your money back plus damages.

We had ADT for our new house for 17 years without a problem.  Now we are in inother house and have nothing but problems with ADT.  The ADT system had a short and consequently our landline rang busy constantly.  the phonme company was able to disconnect the ADT system from the phone line.  Called ADT to schedule a repair and was told we would have a technician at the house within 24 hrs since we are USAA memebers.  Well, the 24 hrs turned into a week and ADT adviced us we would have to pay for any repair!!!!