I need some help understanding how an an optional home inspection can be used to deny me insurance?  I am in the process of buying a home and decided to get a quote from USAA.  After I had gone through all the details of the house with the USAA agent, she told me that since I was buying a "high value" home, USAA offered an optional home inpsection.  After discussiong the mertis of this "optional" inspection, I decided to decline.  It seemed unnecessary and of no real benefit.  Especially since the inspection would not take place until upto 10 days after close.  Then after I declined, I was told she could not write the policy unless I was willing to submit to this inspection.  I'm sorry, how is that optional?  That seems very deceptive on the part of USAA.  Am I being overly senstive?  Or is USAA being overly intrusive?  And if an inspection is required, why not do it belfore close, when I can still back out of the contract as opposed to 10 days after close and potentially force an unplanned financial burden of higher insurance premiums?  Is this a normal practice?  I've been a USAA customer for over 30 years and never once has this been an issue with any of our homes?


@OldBird, thank you for your 31 years of membership and service.  I can certainly understand your concerns about the home inspection and have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate team for further review of your situation.  ~ Marco