I don't want someone to call me, please. I just want answers to two questions: 1. ARE the people that call you about your online quotes/sell you insurance licensed insurance agents? If so, in what state? 2. Why can we NOT get an online quote for all insurance BEFORE talking to someone? E.g., there is a 'must HAVE this insurance before you can get a quote on that insurance.' HUH? Must buy renter's insurance before you can get a quote on inland marine policy (USAA has another name for it.) Really now. Why would anyone buy one policy just to find out if you can buy the other?


Hi Sethr,


To answer your first question, USAA has representatives licensed to service members in all 50 states including HI. Respecting your second question, it sounds like the policy you are trying to quote requires an underlying policy to be in place first. To better understand your needs and get you taken care as quickly as possible, speaking to an insurance specialist is recommended.  If you like, I can see if a representative could reach out to you before the close of business today?  Would you like that?