Trying to Get a Refund of My VA Funding Fee

I am not sure how else to get a resolution to my problem so I am trying sharing my issue here (since multiple phone calls have not worked). I contacted USAA at the beginning of December to start a refund of my VA funding fee.  My disability award was pending when we bought our home and was ultimately adjudicated in favor of an award.  I called USAA about a refund of the funding fee. They told me to fax my award letter. I did so. I called to make sure it was recieved. I was told it was and it was sent to the appropriate person for processing.  I heard nothing. So I called back. I was told it was recieved and the person had no idea why no action had been taken on it.  They said they would send a follow-up e-mail.  Still nothing.  Called again. I was transferred 6 times to "get me to the right person" (a total of 30 minutes and waiting) to be told that this person was going to call me back. I have waited a call back. So I called again.  A few transfers later, the person couldn't even tell me if the document had been recieved and said I had to talk to me original loan originator. I asked to speak with someone else because the loan originator was utterly awful.  I was given a voicemail.  Usually USAA is wonderful with customer service.  This has been absolutely terrible. The fact that no one can answer my questions or tell me how to get this accomplished is sincerely disappointing.  What is more disappointing is that USAA team members have told me that things had been accomplished that weren't.  I called the VA, despite your team member's assertion that my paperwork was sent over to them- it hasn't been.  Your other team member told me he would call me back. He never did. Your costumer service is what keeps us using your products.  If you fail to provide good customer service, we will stop choosing to use you.


Sounds like what is happening to me. Customer service has gotten really bad. I'll say a prayer for you.

I'm here for the same reason. I have horrible, childish, "customer service" experiences. My husband and I have had nothing but rude "customer service" since the beginning of our PCS in early December. From having our cards blocked multiple times, to being refused service IN PERSON because we didn't want texts to "verify us" sent to our phone (again we were in the bank IN PERSON), to being threatened to have our car insurance dropped today because we decided not to go with USAA homeowners insurance (gee can they figure out why we don't want their service.) Anytime we ask to speak with a manager we're told none is available.


To see how others are being treated, its confirmed to me that USAA is no longer the bank for me and my husband. We deserve much better than the treatment we've been given.


I hope everything works out for you and your family and I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing such horrible "customer service." Apparently, USAA has forgotten who their customers are.


All the best.





I have addressed your concerns here.

Veteran Homeowner,


I have passed along your concerns to our bank team. A representative will be reaching out. Thank you, Happy Holidays.

Call the VA funding fee department directly. They will instruct you to email them your name, loan number, a statement for the refund, your SSN. It takes about 10 weeks to process. USAA should know this.