The USAA mortgage department is horrible. My wife and I were prequalified for a larger amount than we asked for. Then we found a house for significantly less than what we were even asking for. Two weeks after submitting our contract and full application to USAA my wife left the processor a voicemail to find out how everything was going. He did not respond so the next day I left him a voicemail. It was two days after that that he called me back and told me he had a message from my wife. He also told me that the loan originator made a mistake and did not count my student loans so we should not have been prequalified at all. Say what?!?! We already found a house, paid for an inspection and put down a deposit. Now we find out that USAA made a mistake? So I ask what we need to do to fix this and his response is that the only thing we can do is reapply in two months, which is after closing is scheduled.


As you can imagine this is extremely dissatisfying. My wife and I are not only unappy with the mistake that was made causing us to lose money, but also the lack of communication. We already gave notice to our landlord based on the fact we were buying this house and are also out the money we paid for an inspection because USAA told us the beginning everything was fine. It was later we find out the originator didn't know what she was doing. We will be completely leaving USAA.


Dear Jonspydr,

Thank you for taking the time to comment here in the community. I have shared your experience and comments with our mortgage department for further review. Thank you.

Been with them since 1995, they never approve me for anything! And give me a hard time cashing government checks.
For those of u looking to purchases s home, please remember there is a big difference between a pre qualification (no garantee of a loan) and a pre approval. And if your using a VA loan why are u paying for an inspection, and appraisal up front .

In my personal circumstances I do understand the difference between a prequal and preapproval which is why we asked for a preapproval and were told they don't do those. So we provided USAA everything they asked for and the loan originator chose to leave out my student loans which it turns out was a mistake on her part. This was admitted by the loan processor who told me I needed further documentation and could reapply after my closing date.The home inspection is allowable under a VA loan unless you can get it as a concession. The seller must pay for a WDO inspection. We have not gotten to the appraisal.

I applied for a mortgage loan with usaa just to get denied even though my credit score was in the 710-720s. Their excuse was that my debt to income ratio was too high when in reality I don't have much debt at all. My debt consist of a car payment, about $38 a month in credit card bills, car and homeowner's insurance (since I have combined insurances, oh and the fact that I already own a home outright). So I don't even know why my home insurance was factored in since I would be moving to the new home and I would be renting that property, and since I don't owe any money on that property, the rent money was going to be paying for the homeowners insurance and yearly property taxes. In my opinion "Underwriters" are underquilified in their job requirements and understanding on how things work when there's complex things in place. Called my second bank and pre-approval was instantly and actual approval was a couple of days later once I summited my paperwork and income verification, and since I would be renting my current property, my homeowners and property taxes were not included debt because the renting revenue would cancel those out. And since I don't have a rental history in that property my extra income would not be computed in my monthly income but that is totally ok by me since tax and insurance was been completely taken out of the equation anyways. Oh and did I mention that at the time of me applying with usaa my income was about $6000 a month with about $1500 monthly bills.

Hi SkyVenom,

Thank you for posting. I have shared your feedback with our mortgage department who will be reaching out. Thank you.


I hope you found another lender.  I would not wait on USAA but instead go somewhere else.  If you were already prequalified they should have honored it.  I am not feeling warm and fuzzy right now with USAA.

Hi mjpkjpbrp,

We would really appreciate some more information about how we can bring back that loving feeling. If you could send us a message here with further details we would be much obliged. Thank you.