DO NOT... I say again DO NOT use USAA to buy a house! They are by far the worst bank I've ever dealt with! After this terrible experience I am now in the process of moving my checking account and car insurance to other companies. I am a combat wounded veteran with 10 years of service and I've been with USAA almost the entire time. I now regret doing business with them what so ever.


Can you elaborate more on what the problem was? I am thinking of buying a new home and was going to go through usaa to accomplish it.


Thank you for your inquiry in regards to a mortgage loan.  It's our goal to provide exceptional service and we regret this was not the case for the previous member.  We'd like to ensure your concerns are acknowledged. Please call us at 1210-531-USAA (8722), to answer any questions you may have with our loan options.

~Thank you. Celeste.

They don't care about how hard we work to be in a position to purchase a home. 



Thank you for posting in the Community. We have addressed your concerns regarding your mortgage experience on a separate post. Please refer to for our response. Thank you. -Gus

Can you elaborate more? I'm thinking of utilizing USAA to purchase my first home.
DO NOT use USAA. I have been trying to warn people. I have had the worst experience of my life.
Their reps will tell you things that are lies. They will give you papers to sign that are not what was discussed. They will lie that they have told you anything. Their advocates don't even know what the term advocate means. All they do is try to brush you off. Everyone claims to me the highest person in the company. They lie about the options that you have. They destroy anything incriminating against them. They tried to get me to sign false documents at the close until I challenged them, then all of a sudden correct papers were found and produced.
The company is filled with corruption and lies and they openly treat lifetime members like garbage.
Do not be fooled by them. I would rather trust a guy in an alley after the experience I've had. Based on some comments in my posts, there is a world of people that have had same experiences.