National POW/MIA Recognition Day




As part of the day of recognition, Americans are asked to pause and reflect on the sacrifices made by the military men and women who are imprisoned or unaccounted for as a result of their military service. Individuals and businesses should also fly their POW/MIA flags. Rallies and ceremonies are held throughout the nation to honor those U.S. servicemembers who have yet to return home, and the families left behind without closure as to the fate of their loved ones. – American Legion 


The White House issued a statement yesterday: 


" Today and every day, we fly the iconic black and white flag symbolizing America’s Prisoners of War and Missing in Action above the White House, at the United States Capitol, on military bases, at memorials and cemeteries, and at homes across America.  It is a reminder that we have not forgotten the heroism of our POWs and MIAs and that we still hope for their return.  There is no undertaking more fundamental than the rite of remembrance, and there is no act more sacred or more American than keeping the faith with those who have sacrificed so much for our Nation. 


 On this day of heartache and of resolve, let us offer strength to the families still waiting for the return of their loved ones.  Let us extend our gratitude to Americans and international partners working tirelessly to bring home our missing service members from prior conflicts.  And let us remember that freedom is never free, that democracy always requires champions, and that we owe an eternal debt to the heroes of our Armed Forces.” 


Thank you to the USAA Community members @Stacey7620 , @1420  and @Dano24 who have shared about the POW in their families. We are honored to serve you and learn more about the heroes in your family.


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We would like to take a moment in the USAA Community to recognize the great service and sacrifices prisoners of war and of those still missing in action. Today especially, we are thinking of you and your families.


*Originally published in 2021 updated for 2022