National POW/MIA Recognition Day



“As part of the day of recognition, held each year on the third Friday of September, Americans and businesses should also fly their POW/MIA flags, which commemorate U.S. servicemembers who are recognized prisoners of war (POWs) or are missing in action (MIA).” – American Legion


The White House issued a statement this morning:


"When service members take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, they do so knowing that they may be called upon to make great sacrifices to ensure and sustain our shared values.  These patriots accept those risks and rush to fulfill the mission, no matter how harsh or dangerous the conditions.  They embody the best of the American spirit.  For the families and friends who wait at home, anxious for news of their loved ones, these sacrifices can cause great pain.  For the families of the more than 81,600 service members who remain missing in action — the pain and grief is compounded by a lack of closure, and the hope that their sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, parents, and grandparents will one day return home. 


On National POW/MIA Recognition Day, we remember the debt we owe to them and to their families.  We pay tribute to our former prisoners of war and recommit to the difficult but essential task of seeking out answers for the families of those still missing.  We will always remember and honor our Nation’s prisoners of war and those still missing in action, and keep faith with our promise as a Nation to bring all of our heroes home. "


Thank you to the USAA Community members @Stacey7620 , @1420  and @Dano24 who have shared about the POW in their families. We are honored to serve you and learn more about the heroes in your family.


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We would like to take a moment in th USAA Community to recognize the great service and sacrifices prisoners of war and of those still missing in action. Today especially, we are thinking of you and your families.