Biggest Résumé Tip I Ever Learned



I’m not a numbers guy, but I got schooled on the importance of using numbers on my résumé years ago. It didn’t make sense at the time, until I got asked several questions during an interview one day. I’m reminded of this resume tip each time somebody sends me a résumé to review that doesn’t have this element. These resumes typically feature lots of words, but little substance. There is no sign of measuring the effects of what the persons been able to do within the context of the résumé. The entire document reads like the most boring book ever and as though they’re getting paid by the word.


This type of resume will probably not get you paid at all until you change things up a bit. If your resume is lacking numbers, start thinking about the numbers you might include. Not sure where to start? Remember we’re surrounded by numbers each and every day. We even speak using numbers almost every time we open our mouths:


• “My team is up by 14 points at the half.”
•  “My kid is batting .325 in his league.”
• “I went from a Size 18 to a Size 8 in just 6 months.”
•  “My stock portfolio grew 19% in 2014.”
• “I just ate a delicious meal that only had 500 calories.”
•  “I cut 1 minute off of my run time.”
•  “I’m number ___ on the promotion list.”


You see, when it comes to everyday life, we seem to express ourselves using numbers all the time. When you put pen to paper to tell your work-life story, if read aloud, be careful that words are not all that can be heard.


The Biggest Résumé Tip I Ever Learned


After you’re done writing your résumé with words, spell-checked, and have the most impactful résumé possible. After you’ve proof-read, shared it with a fresh set of eyeballs, and received feedback from someone who works in your field of choice. After you think your résumé is perfect. After all is apparently said, here’s what needs to be done:


“Do right by the numbers!”


Here is what I mean: add numbers to the measurable sections of your résumé.


Companies report earnings using numbers and you should too. Ever hear something like this: “Revenue of $9 Billion grew 7%. International Sales grew 39% in the quarter. We experienced double-digit growth over last year. We expect earnings of 10% next quarter.” You get the idea!


When it comes to the biggest résumé tip I ever learned, I hope you too can benefit from including numbers within the text of your résumé. Show potential employers the before and after of all your efforts. Show them the impact you can make for their company. Take the time to use numbers to tell your unique story.


Being more quantified makes you more qualified!


What is the biggest resume tip you ever learned?




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