Be Your Own Boss by Way of Military Entrepreneurship



Have you ever thought about going into business for yourself? Does the sound of Chief Operating Officer, President, or Founder appeal to you? Do you feel your unique ideas, skills and talents can make an impact in today’s business world? If so, Military Entrepreneurship might be for you. What does this mean? Essentially, we’re talking about veterans and military spouses who put their business ideas into action.


The prospect of starting your own business venture might seem daunting, but look around you and you’ll see evidence of people just like you who started with a dream! Fabled stories of well-known businesses started in garages or kitchens across America come to mind each time you turn on the television or enter a bookstore. Many people you hear about started with humble beginnings. They started with meager means, but eager genes. They lost sleep at night imagining a world better for their invention, idea, or product along with a company they built to support their dream.


People who go into business for themselves stand ready to do the heavy lifting. They invest a large amount of “sweat equity” into their entrepreneurial initiatives. Sometimes things move rather quickly and sometimes if seems as though it will never happen, but they never give up on their dream.


But, they rarely do it alone.


At first glance you might be wondering if starting a business is right for you. Just keep in mind you are not alone in this way of thinking, and if you decide to make that move to build your own business, venturing out on this path doesn’t mean you have to do it alone either.


Imagine being able to consult a proven, successful Entrepreneur! You could ask all sorts of questions:


  • “I’ve got this idea for a business that’s stuck with me ever since I was in uniform. What do you think about this idea?”
  • “If I only had the money to fund my business idea I’d start today. How can I find the right funding source? What are the risks/benefits to each type of funding?”
  • “I just don’t know where to start. What steps should I take to get started right?”
  • “What advice can you give me so that I don’t waste time and don’t waste money on this?”
  • “I’m absolutely serious of making this business idea happen. Could you be my Mentor?”

Here are three resources to explore ways to develop your business idea:


Don’t forget to check LinkedIn and other social media outlets for individuals and groups who support military entrepreneurship for both military veterans and military spouses. I encourage you to do your homework and take advantage of these free resources available to help you become a successful entrepreneur.


Are you a military entrepreneur? Have something to add to this story? Share your insight below in the comments.


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Great Story, Chazz.  

Just wanted to add that all servicemembers and spouses are eligible to create a free business profile page on  Our online search tool features only verified veteran and spouse-owned businesses and we are proud to be partnered with USAA!  

Community Manager
Community Manager
SBrown: Thank You for the kind words and for pointing to such a valuable resource! All you present and future business owners may wish to check it out! Thank You for all you do to support the Veteran and Military Spouse Community!
New Member

Great article and resources! Please tell us if/when USAA will support Entrepreneurs through business banking? This is the one area that seems to be lacking in the USAA profile of products! :( 

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Yiska - I hear you!  You may be pleased to know that USAA hears you too.  Not speaking on their behalf of course, but business banking was brought up at the USAA social influencers conference last year.  Fingers crossed.

New Member

Why would USAA promote entrepreneurship when you have no products that support entrepreneurs - such as banking? As much as I would love to have USAA banking, I have to keep my personal banking where I have my business banking. That's also where I have my auto loan. It's just easier, and they matched your interest rate because I have a robust business with them because USAA doesn't compete with them. I also get free banking there because of my robust accounts there.


USAA, meanwhile, is losing massive revenues. Not all small businesses succeed, but the ones that do mostly take all their business elsewhere. This does not make good business sense.

Community Manager
Community Manager

PamB: Thank You for posting on GOING CIVILIAN!


Business Banking is a hot topic at USAA! Although I'm not directly involved in those discussions, your feedback will be shared with the USAA Team who does.


Thank You again for reaching out and sharing your ideas and feedback!