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Hello, I'd like financial advice on managing my retirement funds. When I retire, I will be receiving a pension equivalent to what I earn today (100 percent). What I would like to do is cash out 33.33 percent of my retirement as a lump sum payment and use these funds to pay off my mortgage. With the ...
I have a special need daughter who will require a SNT after My wife or I dieand was unsure how you handle these cases
I have a retirement from a previous job just sitting and not growing. I don't want to roll over to my new job because I don't plan on staying with my new job. However, I need to be able to have access to the $ as I am not totally financially stable right now. What is my best bet to do with this $ to...
Does USAA offer long term care insurance? I’d like information about it if you do.
I have a 529 for my kid, however due to autism and developmental disability I am curious if I do not use these expenses for college, can I roll this to a different type of fund for him? (living expenses, etc)
Questions regarding protecting IRAs in a market down turn. I know just about enough about investing to be dangerous so please excuse my ignorance. I have 2 managed IRAs. They are doing well. But I am curious to know what is the best way to protect them should the market move into a long-term down-tu...
I really cannot decide 100% on whether I should stick with current Military Retirement plan or switch to the BRS. Currently at 9.5yos, 6.5 of those were enlisted. I PLAN on staying until 20, but nothing is guaranteed. Just looking for advice or different ways to look at the pros and cons. Thanks!