Transferring deceased wife's account into my name. These transfers need a meallion signature guarantee.

USAA says i "only have bank accounts"...Gee, I have been a USAA member over 50 years. They do my main banking and ALL my insurances...always have.  Now, since i have not needed and dont have an investment a/c,  they wont do Medallion signature guanantee's!!!!  Wonder if they dont do 'notary' as well.

I went to Wells Fargo...no problem.....have had a savings only account for 21 years.   

I went to Comerica.....no problem......i have had a checking account about 10 years......

Can you guess what i am thinking!!!!


@SleighCapt, I'm sorry to hear of this experience. I will have this feedback submitted to the appropriate area for review. Please know that we do provide medallion signature guarantee's at our financial centers for USAA members. My apologies for the miscommunication. ~ Samantha