Yet another bad App issue

I pay off my credit cards every morning over breakfast.   The last week or so hasn’t worked so well under this new App.   When I click to pay my credit card balance, I get a dialogue box saying I can’t do that.   No reason….it just won’t display the amount, so I can’t pay.   I marked it up as a temporary glitch like others complain about.   But I found that if I go to the bottom of my screen and click on paying bills, it works just fine.   Anyone else have this problem?   USAA, like every other financial institution I use has one common denominator: their IT section sucks pond water.   Every upgraded system gets worse; which leads to unhappy/insulting/threatening comments from members.   This new glitch makes no sense.   I always taught our kids there’s always a workaround for any problem, but WHY should we constantly seek our own workaround solutions?   Some day, I’ll find something I can’t work around; but not being able to pay a bill is one problem no one needs.   NOTE: NO CALLS FROM THE CEO’S OFFICE, PLEASE. 

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@oldesoldier, Thank you for the detailed information on the pay bills option.   I will escalate this to the appropriate area for further review.    

I tried paying again.   Shame results: App payment screen worked on one, not the other.   Did screenshots of two attempts, but they wouldn’t post here.

A new twist.   1.   Mea culpa on the rewards issue.   Today I found rewards were actually there, but had only to scroll down farther.   Thought they were originally at the top banner.   So no issue there.   2.   I am now able to use the App’s ‘make a payment’ tab on one of my credit cards; but not the second card.   I even paid off my balance in three payments of different amounts to ensure it worked properly….which it did.   That’s the card mostly used by my wife, so doesn’t usually generate a lot of activity.    I tend to use the other card for my purchases and some monthly recurring bills; so it generates more frequent balances.   Mine is the card that for the past 2-3 weeks can’t be paid unless I go to the page bottom for the bill pay tab.    Curious!   We both carry both cards: in case one or the other is damaged or gets hacked [which has happened].    A backup card is good insurance in too many situations!    This question still remains as to why the bill pay works for one, but not the other.   My comments and issues raised are merely to alert USAA and other members if there’s a potential problem that might impact others.  I’m not requesting special consideration; if something bad comes up for me, it might hurt others.   Thnx for looking into this, and hope it turns out to be my fault affecting only me.   

Three oddities just noted:  1.   My rewards amount status disappeared on the App; but it is on the full webpage.   I believe rewards were listed on the App, as well.   2.  The format screen you displayed is, in fact, the display on the full USAA webpage.    3.  Whenever I attempt to post on the community page, even though I’m logged on into my account, I’m still being forced to log in, again, on a different screen.   I’ve brought up that issue many times; I see no reason why USAA forces me to log in a second time during one overall session.    Today, just a few minutes ago, when forced to log in, again to reply to you, my password was filled in automatically with four digits.   I deleted the four digits; typed in my password; but received a note that’s not the password on file.       What’s going on???    

@oldesoldier, thank you for the additional information provided. Your concerns and feedback regarding the app have been shared with the appropriate department for further review. - Robyn

Don’t forget: updated App to 8.23.3 a few minutes ago.


Your message concerned me that this might be an issue for our members. Going through the steps using our Website, here are some screen shots showing where you can locate the area to submit a payment to your credit card. 

Hope you find this helpful!

Thanks for allowing the opportunity to address your concern. 

~ Lori C



From your home login page via the website: PayBills is located a the top section


From any of your account pages, Pay Bill is located under the Menu on the righthand side of the page.



Thanks, but that isn’t what my screen looks like.    You must be on the full website, not the App.   The column on the right doesn’t appear.   But I have the payment tab at the bottom.   


@oldesoldier, Are you on iOS or Android. Also, what version of the mobile app are you currently running? 

Just updated to 8.23.3.   Still having the same issue.   Box stating to try again later.


USAA version 8.22.1.     I assume that is the App, but perhaps the full website.   Settings only shows one version under the  “USAA” listing.

IOS primarily on the newer one of my iPad Pros.   I wondered if the issue was the OS.   In the past, USAA recommended using Chrome; but I tried Chrome a while back and didn’t like it.  Also, the Chrome developer has a specific “history” that makes me not wish to associate with Chrome.   Why there’s an issue with major operating systems is curious.   My iOS is updated automatically.   I assume the App is the latest version, but not sure.   I tried using the bill pay again: same dialogue box stating not available.   So I again went to the pay bills tab at the page bottom.   That one works every time; in fact, I paid the bill in two payments just to repeat the process of both pathways.   This only started a couple of weeks ago; don’t recall exactly when it started.   Since most of my bills are paid automatically using my credit cards, it’s imperative that process has no disruptions.   And therefore, it’s imperative I can pay my credit card debt daily to stay at a zero balance.   Since we snowbird a lot [at least prior to Covid and the craziness in warmer states], any disruption in billing and payments must not take place.