What is Going on?

I updated my auto insurance coverage Oct 8 only to discover Oct 20-it didn't process.  Back on the phone, while I was given a token apology no explanation as to why I had to do this twice.  In decades of using USAA never had any issues.


On the mobile app today - trying to redeem cash rewards turned into a circus-"third party" website and a complicated navigation to figure out just how to apply these to my c/c.  Something that was 2 clicks has turned into--I'll think twice before spending that kind of time.  Assuming there is some cost savings by outsourcing????


Very disappointed. 

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Dear @MajDau


I am sorry to hear of the trouble you experienced with redeeming your rewards. Your feedback will be collected. - Jesse 

@MajDau, I'm very sorry to hear about your disappointment with your experiences and the frustrations that have been caused. I do appreciate you providing your insurance feedback and will make sure your voice heard by our experts. I'll also forward your banking concerns to  the appropriate team.