Seriously, EVERYONE is writing this because it’s true. Why did you need to change it? Some new board member wanted a signature move? Well, their signature was ****. Change the app back ASAP or I’m headed back to Navy Federal or Capital One. Stop changing things! Didn’t you learn last time you tried this?
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Yes, the app sucks pondwater.   Every time USAA “improves” it, the app gets worse.   I recall, many of us complained about the one prior to this one; and the one before that.   USAA’s IT source, whether in-house or contracted, always does a horrible job.   Many decide to leave USAA for many, many reasons, and that’s fine.   But beware going over to certain other institutions.   You mentioned Navy Federal and Victory Capital.   Navy is one of the credit unions I use rather than keep cash in USAA; and VC is where USAA put six of my accounts when they sold off the investments arm.   But if you haven’t been in VC for a while, or never had an account there, think twice about going to VC!!!   Their IT work rivals, or exceeds USAA’s in bad design and effectiveness.   I’m trying to figure a good place to move out of VC.   It’s tough right now, with the down market due to the Pandemic and disputed supply chains, but just dumping VC is worth it!   The lash up between USAA and VC is not worth having; VC performance is in the pits; they have operating costs much too high; and navigating VC’s site is a pain in the third point of contact.   VC doesn’t even display how much was in my six accounts when the money transferred.   They also de register my device every 1-2 months, so re-registration is done every time they de-register.    Only takes a short time, but of all my accounts in all the financial institutions I use, no company compares to VC’s hassle.  They’re even worse than the TSP…and that’s hard to believe possible.  So beware of VC.   Good luck and best wishes.   


This is terrible. Beyond terrible. The new web apps and phone apps are now "just another bank" apps. Who thought it was a good idea to separate SCHEDULED transactions from posted/pending transactions? I CAN'T FORECAST MY CASH FLOW. 


How do we go back? This totally sucks. Shopping for a new bank. Or maybe I have to go back to Quicken? (Yikes)

This was a total disaster of an update. They obviously did 0 pre-testing with customers. I can’t imagine anyone would approve this update. So frustrating.

@Gonzodog, Thank you for the feedback I am forwarding your concerns now. ~Tom

It's terrible...looks like the army designed it...I left the army so I don't have this bs...
Leaving usaa now- anyone know a bank that will help me manage schedulepd transactions and update my balance automatically like usaa used to?

@Steve_Donohoe, I regret to hear you do not like the latest update to the mobile app/ An option to revert back to the old format is not available. Your feedback is appreciated and will be shared with the appropriate team. I apologize for any inconvenience this change has caused. Thank you. 

Why is the option to use the old format not available? The arrogance of the response is intolerable and leaves the customer with the perception of we don’t matter as individuals because there are thousands of others. Really frustrated, again

@MichaelE_s Story, I'm truly sorry our responses made you feel as if you don't matter. That was certainly not our intention. I will share your concerns with the appropriate folks at USAA. Please allow some time for a thorough review of all concerns. ~DC