Repeated Bank Fraud

Unbelievably frustrated and desperate. Someone hacked my USAA account at 2:30am and created 2 SIGNIFICANTLY LARGE checks using "Online Bill Payment Processing Center" via my USAA accounts which were then immediately cashed in FL. When I reported the incidents to USAA I was told my account would be locked. Unfortunately, I was NOT told it was unlocked which resulted in a 3rd SIGNIFICANTLY LARGE check being cashed using the exact same process. Incidentally, the criminals even transferred money from my Savings to Checking to cover the last check!!! 
USAA fraud services informed me it may take up to 45 days for the situation to be investigated before returning the stolen $$$$ to my account. It has now been 18 days. During this time "I" have called USAA 3 times for a status report with the last person submitting a whole new claim. Additionally, I was informed they only count 'business days' so actually 45 days could be 2+ months. When asked why it takes so long, I was told there were many other fraud situations being investigated and I needed to wait my turn. I was also told that since USAA systems were not breached, they would not sponsor credit reports but highly recommended that I purchase a service. Adding insult to injury, in the last 2 weeks my credit rating has taken a hit twice due to "large sums withdrawn."
Questions: If there is so much fraud occurring, why aren't all USAA bank members alerted? Why hasn't a temporary credit been issued to my account while it's being investigated? How can other banks promise to resolve fraud cases within 48 hrs? If this happened to a USAA board member/CEO would they go through this same process? How is it when I travel outside my area I'm not able to purchase $40 of gas because of suspicious use of my credit card yet, mega$$ can be removed from my bank account without question...repeatedly!!?? Why aren't victims of fraud being given courtesy phone calls with updates on their case?  
My family have been loyal members of USAA since the 1950s. We were proud to have 4 generations of USAA members. I am stunned with USAA's response to this current situation. Couldn't agree more with a previous writer stating that we are on a sinking ship -- credit card benefits recently diminished, mortgage services sold and moved between companies like a chess game, and investment services gone. What's next? 
BTW...if you haven't already, be sure to DISABLE email in your security preferences - only allow text messages!!
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UPDATE: received $$ back to all accounts today. Thank you USAA. Unfortunately my sense of security and loyalty has been significantly damaged. I need to evaluate if continuing with USAA FSB is appropriate.

krusen - Thank you for following up. Please let us know if you need any additional assistance. - Jason

Well, happened AGAIN! Two more unauthorized, fraudulent withdrawals of $$ using bogus electronic checks. People advised me to change banks. But, due to a number of issues and changing/updating all security info, I felt safe. Obviously, a bad decision.

Time to find a different bank.  I got out of USAA and I don't have these problems anymore.

Agree, the first event (and seeing similar problems by other members) would have been enough for me to look elsewhere. In fact, I made my move several years ago.

USAA CSR: No need to escalate.

HI @krusen.  We will escalate your concerns to be reviewed by the correct area. Thank you for posting the update on what has transpired. 

This situation is a completely horrifying and requires immediate action by USAA to fix. repair and update all "members". Please help this customer and advise all customers of completed actions and actions needed by "members" to insure account safety. We await USAA action !

USAA what is the status of this security issue? Help this customer and advise every customer of completed action. This is unacceptable-----on the part of USAA !

I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

USAA--TY for helping this customer. We could all feel the pain in this matter.