Reaching out to USAA - And Feelback

USAA - Thank you for everything! we've been with USAA you just under 15 years and you have been remarkable to deal with, these past couple of years with Covid 19 has been traumatic in so many ways that we've need a good solid bank that's truly a cut above the rest and run very well like USAA. Wayne Peacock is doing a remarking job as are those working under him.


We've personally suffered a tremendous amount of hardship directly resulting from covid ranging from illness to identity theft as well as being hacked and having one of our personal payment accounts hacked into at another bank that we'll leave unnamed out of professional courtesy and in the spirit of goodwill moving forward and feeling more confident in this being a time for positivity and getting stuff back on track as we've moved through this pandemic, we've all been through enough.


If someone from USAA still reviews these post like USAA has done historically could they please contact me I would be ever so grateful and I have a question related to one of my existing accounts. I'll certainly follow up on this message. Thank you in advance. 


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I'm glad to hear things are starting to move towards a more positive outlook for you and your family, @SomeMaturingDude. I'm happy to answer any questions about your accounts that I can. Just remember, due to security restrictions, I'm not able to provide specifics via social media. If you need specific information, I would recommend you initiate a chat with us. Our Bank chat team is available 24/7, just be aware that if the chat link is unavailable, this simply means that all representatives are assisting other members, so please keep trying. Just click the CHAT option in the upper right corner of the website, or the bottom right corner of the mobile app. I look forward to assisting you in any way I can. - Cathleen