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I am highly disappointed and upset that USAA is discontinuing Deposit@Home and requiring everyone to use the mobile App. Not only is my computer network far more secure than a mobile app for such sensitive transactions, it is far easier for me, as a 73 year old with vision issues, to use. I am not sure who USAA consulted in making the decision to discontinue Deposit@home, but they did not consider the many retirees in their customer base. Please restore Deposit@Home forthwith!

Many of the comments regarding the retirement of Deposit at Home are due to security concerns, of using our mobile app vs website via home computer.

Please know, that our members information, privacy & security is a top priority concern to us. We have processes in place via phone, chat, website and mobile.

Here is some information that may assist with any security concerns you may have.

Take a look at each tab within these pages. 



I hope this helps to put your mind at ease. Have a great weekend. ~ Lori C

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Hello @luvYOURsite and thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear of this. I'd be happy to submit this feedback regarding the deposit@home to the appropriate team for you, as we're always looking for ways to better improve the services we offer our members. Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. ~Sarah 

Well, the appropriate team has certainly heard all the arguments, and we have all heard this same pat answer from you at USAA. I wager USAA will still go forward with its plans to do what is best for USAA and not cater to the "few" (I wonder what the actual number is) who want to maintain this service, using the reason "not enough members utlize this service." I can only imagine what the actual reasoning is: too hard to keep up the programming on the site and cost factor for so few members? I can't say that you "don't care," but that is how many of use older members who need this service feel.

Count me as another dissatisfied "member", disappointed at the loss of Deposit@Home. I hate having to type on the tiny keyboard on my phone. I'm in front of my home computer at least once a day and enjoy having the mouse and keyboard interface. Please don't force any more USAA functionality onto my phone.

Signed, 40+ yr member

@WhaleFlyer, I understand your disappointment regarding the removal of Deposit@Home. I'm forwarding your comments regarding this matter to the appropriate area. - Ben

I strongly encourage everyone to file a formal complaint with the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  They are the ones who handle complaints about banks and financial institutions.


As a result of a filed complaint, I got a call from a 'person' in San Anrtonio who was 100% incompetent.  Sated flat out that the Deposit@Home progranm was being ended and nothing could change that.  Flat out refused to escalate the call to his manager or department head.  Flat out refused to provide contact information for executive staff.  Then hung up.


Completely worthless contact step.



Received another phone call from another completely, totally worthless and incompetent 'representative' from the CEOs office.  Absolutely determined NOT to support the customer in any way shape or form.  Stated there is no one above her and that no one else will talk to customers about any thing related to this.


Completely and utterly closed minded.


Hung up on me after I continued to ask to be transfered to a manager.


Stumbled, stammered and bumbled her way through the entire call, barely able to form a complete sentence.





As a result of my posts, I too received a phone call from USAA.  The phone call was quite cordial and the representative seemed to listen to my detailed concerns and objections to the announced elimination of deposit@home.  While I suspect the decision is a fait accompli, he let me know there are many others who feel as I do and would forward my concerns up the food chain.  Two things I did stress to him were loyalty and convenience.  With USAA being, for all intents and purposes, an online-only bank for me, convenience is becoming a very important factor in choosing, or continuing a relationship with, a financial institution.   As I said, there are other banks that offer this service ... including Ally.  And, I do have an account with Ally.

I began another conversation about this yesterday if you want to view it. Here is what I posted today so that all on this string who are not viewing the other one can see my plea to not let up on this:


(Forgive me for being long-winded) I would like for all of us to keep on this. If you know other USAA members who do use this service through their desktop computers, please solicit them to write to and call USAA with this complaint. I am not sure what makes more of an impact, a handwritten letter to the CEO, a forum like this one, or utilizing a message through your online account. I have done all but the handwritten letter so far.


I did receive a call yesterday from Stephanie who said it was on behalf of the CEO. She left a message to call her back. She called again this morning (thank you, Stephanie). She had me repeat my grievance. She said that not enough members use the online service. I pointed out that there were several on this forum who have expressed their disappointment at discontinuing the service.


She began to tell me of other ways to do deposits. I interrupted her and said I refused to mail in checks and that I don't want to have to use my phone for such things. I failed to mention that driving to an ATM was not a conenience, especially if it is not a bank ATM (convenience store) or even an ATM at another bank; and USAA have none available. Also included that USAA is becoming like any other bank because none of them have the ability to scan checks and deposit online, at least none that I have used.


Stephanie ended our call saying that I have been heard and that they are reviewing the situation, and if more write and express that they want Deposit@Home to continue, then it may change. SO DON'T GIVE UP just because USAA hasn't responded much in the past. Keep on them about this.


I should have let her finish without interruption, but I read the letter that did state these other options; I saw no need for her to waste the time repeating that information.


I have been a member for over 40 years. Both my husband and I are self-employed, so we receive numerous checks and having the ability to immediately deposit is important. My message through my account messaging contained worse language than what is allowed here; language I don't normally use, but I am so disheartened and angry about this.


For those of you who say you will be looking for another bank, good luck with finding one that will take online, scanned checks like Deposit@Home (and if you do find one, share with us!). Granted, I have not used another bank since being with USAA, so perhaps I don't know what I am talking about. We do use Texans Credit Union. I mentioned being able to deposit online through my account using a desktop computer. They asked how would we do that? Explained the scanning of checks, etc. She said they had no way of figuring out how to do that. Then I asked USAA about it. I believe the answer was that they had exclusive rights to it? Something like was a few years ago.


Bottom line, please continue writing about this to USAA. If you have only expressed this here, please go to your online account and send a message through your account messaging system. It does get read. Or CALL them. I plan on pasting this post in a message to them through my account. I'll let ya know what happens! Thanks to all of you!

@ wrote:


For those of you who say you will be looking for another bank, good luck with finding one that will take online, scanned checks like Deposit@Home (and if you do find one, share with us!).

Since you asked ... there ARE other banks that offer the ability to deposit checks from your computer.  One of the banks to which I transferred some of my USAA funds when interest rates plummeted is Ally.  Yes, it's an online only bank ... but for me, living in Pennsylvania, USAA is pretty much like an online bank, since I have no access to physical branches.  Ally DOES offer the ability to deposit checks from your computer just like USAA.  This is the primary reason I opened an account with them, as two of my other banks don't offer it.  I am sure there are more banks that offer this service ... just haven't looked around.  Please understand that I am not endorsing Ally or any other bank.  Frankly, I continue to support USAA, just as I do another bank with which I've had accounts since the 60s.  But, the degree of support greatly depends on the service I receive.

FYI, I was also contacted by Stephanie. And received a similar message. 

  • They are discontinuing it for now.
  • They might re-instate it in the future.
  • She will forward my complaint to someone

I suppose we need a large number of complainers to have any chance of reversing this #$**#@? decision.

Since the beginning of the year, I have transferred $320,000 out of various USAA accounts to various other financial institutions ... mainly because of ever declining interest rates.  I still have a substantial amount with USAA, however, one of the few remaining reasons to keep funds with USAA was its deposit at home feature.  It is far more convenient for me to scan a check for deposit and use Deposit at Home to send it to one of my USAA accounts ... not to mention infinitely more secure than using the mobile app.  It would be refreshing if USAA would, at least, articulate exactly WHY Deposit at Home is being discontinued.  That said, if the decision is not reversed, I may need to reconsider how much more of my financial assets to move.  This is coming from a 40+ year member.

HI Gorbachi, we can completely understand how you are feeling regarding the Deposit@Mobile® function being removed from the main webpage. We are still keeping this feature available thru the app. The app can easily downloaded by searching “USAA Mobile” within Apple’s App Store® or the Google Play® store.  If you already have the USAA mobile app, they can select “Deposit” from the bottom menu and follow the on-screen instructions.


USAA strives to improve the digital experience for members by providing innovative solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.  Retiring Deposit@Home® and focusing on the Deposit@Mobile® service allows USAA to streamline product offerings and focus on further enhancing the ability for members to quickly, conveniently, and securely deposit funds into their accounts.


I will certainly submit your feedback regarding the change to this feature and appreciate you letting us know. ~JD


It is my understanding that the "Mobile App" is only available with and adroid or apple/Iphone system.  Since I don't have a cellphone/"smartphone" (they don't get connection/service where I reside) I am not able to download these applications to my computer.  Please let me know if this mobile app can be used on a computer with a windows system.  If it is, can it be accessed from the USAA website?

@ wrote:

Please let me know if this mobile app can be used on a computer with a windows system. 

Try using a Chrome based browser like Opera, Vivaldi or Brave.  Once you have one of those installed, there is a place to download  'apps' (I hate that term), and you may be able to find this one.  Let us know if it works, because I haven't tried it yet.





"Innovative solutions" have become the bane of the older generation, and we are a strong-numbered generation with lots of money to spend and invest. And to suggest anything Google is an afront to real privacy. They are known to track everything. Given, nothing is truly private these days, but I certainly don't want to add to the pile by using my possibly insecure phone (still more hackable than a desktop computer, they get one carried around their desktop computer). I do have many privacy setups on my computer that I just can't overload on my phone storage. And I am just so tired of having to download and use another app. The younger generation will have no problem with all of this because they will not know the difference, but for now, be the old USAA you use to be, service your older vets as if you really love that they are turning to you for help, and once we have phased out, then you can phase in getting rid of what WE love.



This post is meant for the Upper Echelon of USAA Decision Makers, you are just on their front line of contact so don't take what I say personally.


You did not mention the law suits over the Deposit@ Home and Deposit@Mobile that USAA holds a patent for nor the 2019-2020 USAA profits. USAA sued Wells Fargo twice and won 100 mill, and 200 mill awarded by the courts for the use of  REMOTE DEPOSIT CAPTURE. USAA sent over 100 letters to banks to invite them to buy a license for the patent USAA holds for RDC back in 2017. Wells Fargo did not comply so they sued. USAA also sued PNC Bank. Google the topic, lots of articles out there.


Also, USAA made 4 Billion in profits in 2019 and 3.9 in 2020. So why did they discontinue Experian Credit Monitoring, USAA Auto Buying Service, and now Deposit@Home? I have spent hours on the phone calling USAA and posted repeatedly and no one can or will answer my questions.


And by the way everyone, when USAA says they will contact you from CEO Relations, they do a lousy job at attempting to contact you. They only make 2 attempts, some don't leave a message, some call and they can't hear you when you say hello 10 times and then don't call you right back. {It is their phone not mine, I just went through 10 hours of phone heck over a week to get Centurylink to fix my phone, they replaced the Network Interface Device/Grey box outside the home and the box on the pole last week, the line is now pristine and DOES NOT DROP LIKE A CELL PHONE.} You never ever know when USAA reps are going to call and if you miss them it is your tough luck, so glue whatever phone you have to your head and don't go to sleep until after they call even if it takes a week. This is worse than teenage dating before the internet and cell phones were born.


As a 32 year member I am trying to decide what is the better choice, taking months to transfer to another bank, or just jumping off a bridge into toxic algae infested "Floriduh" waters. USAA Customer Service and Policy has become a day/nightmare that the USAA Untouchable Ivory Tower dwellers have no intentions of fixing, because it might take a few million out of their 4 Billion of yearly profits. 1 Billion =1000 million.  Though USAA violating over 600 banking laws resulted in a 285 mill Federal fine last year, so that may have made them sad.  Again Google it for exact figures.


The only ones who truly have a right to life are the upper echelons of society, the rest of us have to succumb to their bidding and I am tired, so very tired of doing it, ESPECIALLY when it involves nondisclosure and lack of transparency.




@ wrote:


USAA strives to improve the digital experience for members by providing innovative solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.  Retiring Deposit@Home® and focusing on the Deposit@Mobile® service allows USAA to streamline product offerings and focus on further enhancing the ability for members to quickly, conveniently, and securely deposit funds into their accounts.


I will certainly submit your feedback regarding the change to this feature and appreciate you letting us know. ~JD


JD ... With all due respect, just how did USAA determine that it was "improving the digital experience for members"?  I have never received or been invited to take part in any surveys to determine how members wanted services improved.  This was neither with respect to the "new and improved" web site nor with the upcoming elimination of Deposit @ Home.  Furthermore, eliminating Deposit @ Home does nothing to "further enhance" the ability for members to quickly, let alone conveniently deposit funds into their accounts.  It reduces the current two digital ways down to one ... one which far less convenient for many members such as myself.  In addition, contrary to your view on "securely", the mobile app is most assuredly less secure.  Trust me on this.  For most of my military career, I worked very closely with the folks at Ft. Meade. 


Now, for the record, I do have the USAA mobile app on my iPhone .... but rarely, if ever, use it.  My computer is far more convenient and secure.  I wonder just how many other long time USAA members feel this way.  We might know, had USAA

done some type of survey to see what members want before making decisions like this.


I haven't totally given up on USAA yet ... but you guys are really making it hard of late.

@gorbachi (and you, too, USAA)

Believe or not, many, many times over the past few years I have surveys pop up after I do transactions. They are rather long ones, too. I usually give them very high ratings on all of the questions about my online experience. And since they began threatening to "improve" our website, I've always written exensively at the end of those surveys about why they shouldn't change the design of the website. It is simple, I can see all of my accounts at one time, paying bills is(was) easy (it's clunky and much slower now, even when on fiber optics), the site is fast going from one page to another, etc. Printing transaction confirmations is not as easy, either (I have a printer that will allow me to save those as PDFs, so I file them for tax purposes on my computer and don't always print them); those pages now contain way too much design, rather than simple editorial content. I am a graphic designer. I've always had a beef about designers than didn't design for practicality; they would rather something looked pretty (and use teeny tiny light weight fonts that are hard to read, even for my great eyes). I don't need my banking site to be pretty; I need it to function simply. So, every time I am asked to fill out a survey, I scream (yes in all caps) not to change the design and functionality of the site. I have often wondered how many others of us fill out those surveys; many probably had the habit of just clicking them closed because they didn't think they needed to bother, resulting in no getting a good consensus of what NOT to do.


So (TO ALL WHO MIGHT READ THIS) if you are every lucky enough to get those surveys, don't ignore them! Not getting enough feedback may have resulted in us loosing some of online our services.

@gorbachi, Thanks for taking the time to share your concerns regarding Deposit@Home. I've forwarded your comments to our bank team for reconsideration. - Ben 

@ wrote:

We are still keeping this feature available thru the app.


USAA strives to improve the digital experience for members by providing innovative solutions that meet or exceed industry standards. 


STOP promoting insecure methods.



If you have a system that can accept a picture from one type of device, there is no valid reason why we can't continue to send picture via a different device.



I wholeheartedly agree with those who are upset with USAA's plans to end Deposit@Home. Cell phones are notoriously insecure and I have a much easier time using a computer keyboard and screen than a darned cell phone for these kinds of transactions. By the way - the last line of the letter informing us of USAA's decision to end the Deposit@Home service is contradictory: "USAA is committed to providing you with exceptional service. Thank you for allowing us to serve you."  Seems to me USAA is committed to cutting a service and in the words of one of my former military bosses: "Don't urinate on my leg and tell me it's raining"...


I have been a USAA member for over 37 years . I was a member when USAA only catered to officers/former officers and their families. To compare USAA's value and service back then to what it has become is a darned disgrace. The cost savings and highly competitive insurance/banking rates that USAA used to offer no longer exist and haven't for some time. Seems that USAA is more corporate now and has lost the old school career military leader influence they once had. Heck - the current CEO of USAA has never served in the military - something that would have been unheard of at USAA 20 years ago.


Slowly but surely I'm seeing less and less value in staying with USAA. They used to provide a real service to the military and veteran community - real cost savings to the select military population in the USA. Unfortunately, it feels like USAA has become just another corporate shill that spends a lot of PR time pumping out "we love the military" commercials but really doesn't offer the military anything they can't get elsewhere for the same cost (or cheaper) with the same or better level of service.