Feedback on Concerns Raised in Communities at USAA

I took the time to parse through several responses from USAA on the mobile app upgrade disaster. The responses come in two flavor:
1. Thank you for your valuable feedback which we will use to improve our products, OR
2. Moving this comment to another forum (so that someone else can send you number 1.)

What does NOT happen is any solution being offered. Sorry, I can get commiseration from my dog. If you are managing responses to this forum, please refrain from responding with “thank you for being a member for 37 years and your feedback is important to us”. Pointless responses otherwise.
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I can understand. Help would be nice. It is obvious that some members are experiencing issues. This form could be used as a way to address some concerns. I guess some representatives are doing the best that they can with what they have been given. Sharing the solution to a situation could help others also. Members could use the forum as a source of information, which could reduce call volume to USAA. In turn, that could increase USAA members' overall satisfaction. But what do I know, I am not one who has vast experience running a major corporation (Did the officers who started the association?). I just know what I like. And, I am not crazy about foolishness.


I remember having an Admiral Call with Admiral Boorda (CNO), while I was on deployment. He stated that he was on a fact-finding mission on how things could be done better. He related to us that if you want to know how to make something better, ask the people that are doing the work. That seems very fitting here. USAA does ask for feedback. But, how is it acted upon?


I listened to this year's Annual Meeting. The selection process for Board Members was brought up. Yet, no details were offered. Like anything, who would be more concern about self than self? It seems that the Borad recruits from the outside not the inside, which is probably why we have what we have.


Just my 2 cent.

In the same boat!  Yup. I am considering just going back to Dirt and a Stick to etch my transactions into the dirt at this point and bury my money on a mason jar.  It would be just as effective!

Personally regret having to agree with what you wrote.   All too often, when members make comments here as well directly with USAA management, or file official complaints, the only observable response is as depicted above.   I understand USAA is just a business/company: nothing more.   Not a “band of brothers” as many seem to think it should be, but best business practices by any public business should focus on customer service.   Not platitudes; not evasion; not surprise calls “from the CEO’s office” [which, let’s face it, is merely bravo sierra].   Customer service is a major foundation of any healthy business.   Customers who don’t receive good customer service will search elsewhere.   We see too many comments here expressing dissatisfaction with USAA to ignore what we members feel.   Length of membership is only important to we in the community because we receive an additional annual check from the subscriber’s process; a member with only one day as part of USAA is equally important.   But those of us who have been members fr many decades have personal observations of service and support deterioration.   I receive farrrr too many “CEO calls”; they are intrusive and typically aware of time.   Oddly enough, I received some that went to voicemail asking me to reply at my convenience.   Since I don’t know the subject, I’ve returned the calls.   In almost every case, thr person doesn’t answer; ask me to give my number and name for a reply; but then the Paterson doesn’t call me back.  That tells me two things: 1.  That person was merely “checking the block” they made a mandatory call; 2. That the subject of that call is unimportant enough to finish their business.   Over the past 20-30 years I’ve contemplated leaving USAA for many reasons.   Haven’t mostly because of the hassle changing accounts and banks entails.   The “mobile app” is changing constantly; most changes make it less usable for the member.   USAA “sold us” to outside investment companies without our permission; then didn’t provide connectivity between USAA and those companies; then, when the process of connecting the two took place, that connectivity is rather useless.    Added together, USAA’s customer service, declining services, and lack of effective response can only lead to member growth elsewhere while USAA membership declines.   Not good karma.   

I don't care.  I do ZERO business with USAA.  When USAA reverts back to the "old USAA" then I will care.

Yup. I am considering just going back to Dirt and a Stick to etch my transactions into the dirt at this point and bury my money on a mason jar.  It would be just as effective!

If my membership, or any other person's membership on here who is begging for competent assistance, were valued our issues would have been addressed appropriately when they needed to be addressed not after posting in here or leaving USAA! I dropped USAA insurances after paying 20 years of premiums on time and in-full to finally see that USAA is not all it promises to be. If it was not for my auto-loans, all my banking would be done with USAA too. Members should not be at the end of our ropes with frustration to get their attention - and our concerns certainly should not be brushed off this way as you spot-on explained! It is condescending and a very obvious way for them to check a box that they responded to the concern. About 12 years ago was honestly the last time I can say that USAA was thoughtful and competent. Since, they have really hauled me over from denying me relief under the Serviceman's and Sailor's act (I am retired from Active Duty) to denying home insurance claims after a natural disaster even though my policy covered it. Thank you for pointing out another of their nonsensical deflection tactics.

Well said.