I have now spent the last two months starving because USAA made a mistake, and instead of admitting their mistake and taking responsibility for it, they've spent the last two months lying, altering my bank statements, ignoring my phone calls, and telling me (in so many words) to screw off. I've lost ten pounds in the last two months and am eating a meal about every two or three days. Not one USAA rep that I've spoken to has cared. I've had one admit to me that she was misleading me before she hung up on me. I've had more than one USAA rep tell me that they "don't have this kind of problem because [they] bank with Navy Federal." I've even had one tell me that USAA is just going to keep screwing me, so I should file claims with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if I want USAA to correct their mistake. I have been a loyal USAA customer for 15 years. The last time they screwed me this way (a few years ago), I was convinced it was all a big mistake or misunderstanding and I dropped it. Now I know better. The lack of integrity that has become pervasive at USAA is disgusting. USAA honors America's veterans by lying to, cheating, and stealing from them, making them homeless and hungry. Stay classy USAA! I'm going to take the advice of several of your own representatives and switch to Navy Federal like they did!


I'm a 37 year member who has divested almost all of my banking and insurance from USAA because I came to realize USAA has become a corrupt, pernicious and disingenuous corporation that exploits the prestige of its customer/member base. What you describe doesn't surprise me at all- most members go along without thinking much about USAA as I did, but once there is a problem, the ugly and deceitful side of USAA is made apparent. The one thing that does surprise me is your mention that the reps don't seem to care: part of the USAA member experience is to have the reps say happy and syrupy things while they lie to you. The new CEO of USAA, Wayne Peacock, the first to have no military service, receives $5 million a year and, along with the Board, has decided that virtue signaling and being all in for "movements" such as BLM is the purpose of USAA, and the membership exists only their to support their massive incomes, privilege, and "wokeness."

Hmmm.  Have you had a similar problem with other online vendors?  If so, you may be the problem.  To the contrary, I have been a member of USAA for 50+ years and  have never had a problem like this.  Their people have always been gracious and helpful.  I suggest you think about all this and seek counsel before it destroys your life and relationships.

I could not agree more.  I've been with USAA for 37 years and have always been happy with them.

I was with USAA for 40 years.  Had 4 vehicles insured with them with 1 of them being charged as stored.  I shopped around and found a company that issues yearly policies.  My yearly policy just renewed for the 2nd time and it is now 67% lower than USAA was 2 years earlier, that's right 67% lower, for the exact same coverage except all of the vehicles are fully covered and can be driven and the policy includes rental cars.  (Like a lot of USAA members, due to the constant semi-annual insurance rate increases, I had to reduce coverage to make the policy somewhat affordable.)  USAA made a strategic business decision to move away from offering the best auto insurance rates with the best customer service to growth at all costs in order to enrich the upper management, especially the CEO's OBSCENE salary.  (Google USAA CEO compensation).  This has resulted in non-competitive auto insurance rates, degraded customer service and third party contractors whose only function is to work to benefit USAA.  I am sure that if General McDermott were alive, he would not be happy with this "new" USAA.  So, keep staying with USAA and enjoy the semi-annual auto insurance rate increases and lousy customer service. 


CSR - No need to contact me like you ever would.  I have given up all hope for USAA to revert back to the company it once was.  What has happened to USAA is an utter disgrace.

@DVCI - I would like to respond to you in particular.  I have been a member of USAA for over 35 years and my parents have been members for around 60 years.  My brother was a member for over 35 years (we are twins) and my sister for almost 35 years.  We all loved USAA until about 10 years ago when the customer service became suspect.  I agree with you that the customer service representatives can be pleasant and can answer questions, but that does not mean that they are providing information that is correct or information that they will stand behind.  Between my brother and I, we spent over 13 hours of our collective time with 13 different representatives (either the calls dropped or we were passed onto other reps) before someone could help with our parents' situation.  It should not have been that complicated as we had the appropriate powers of attorneys already on file, but the problems ranged from the reps not being able to locate the documents to not being able to do what was needed.  Finally someone in the "President's Office" was able to help; however, we still have a situation with the Subscriber's distribution and in grand fashion, no one from the "President's Office" has called back to address that issue. 

  Again a pleasant representative does not equate to correct information. 

I have been a proud member of the USAA family since November 1979.  I have had very few if any problems with the firm, its customer service reps or technicians.  To the poster who criticized USAA for supporting USAA and other social equality movements – I say shame on you.  The fact that you cannot complain about our firm or your customer service experiences without getting political shows your true motives.

I've had them hang up on me numerous times. When I finally get someone o. The phone again, they just blow off my complaints. They are worse than bank of america now.

This is concerning to hear, @BLOB, and certainly not how we conduct business. What area are you trying to reach? While I can't provide specifics via social media, I can ensure someone addresses your concern. - Cathleen

I bet Not one of those reps were USAA employees.  They are using third party csr companies to handle everything.  Insurance, banking, HR.  There is absolutely no accountability.  My husband joined in 1977.  We both worked there after he retired from the AF.  Then he retired from usaa too.  What they did to me since he assed away in 2020 was surreal.  They have 0 customer service.