During this Covid epidemic, I have fallen into difficult times, which reflected by my checking account being negative a little over a month. However, the day I was bringing it back current, USAA closed it that same day. Now, the Covid relief check that's supposed to hit that account, will be sent back per a USAA agent. Not only did this checking situation scar my extremely damaged credit, this check being submitted to me will be returned back to the government leaving me without food or the ability to pay my mortgage payment, which is coming out of hold. Thus has really put a bad taste in my mouth with USAA, that's why I'm slowly withdrawing my business from their hands. Oh wfat makes this entire situation worse, I'd spoken to a care agent that day and told her what I was dking. Thanks for making my life even mo =bpejjugtr


@Rdtll, we are saddened to read of your situation and will ensure this is reviewed by the appropriate area.