Certificates of Deposit Standard versus Adjustable

We have been with USAA for 60 years and feel the company has recently deteriorated greatly. All of my children and their children are with USAA and I am about to tell them to transfer to other institutions. For years when interest rates were low we would take out an adjustable rate CD forfeiting the higher interest hoping to be able to adjust to a higher rate based upon an increase in the standard rate at some time in the future. The increase could be no more than 2% but usually it was worth the wait. Today I was told that would no longer be possible as I had to wait for the adjustable rate to increase. So it seems the adjustable rate can stay at .01% for five years and I am trapped. I cannot close the CD because I am told if I do I cannot open a standard at the higher rate. This smell like fraud to me and I am about to write letters to the Better Business Bureau. I used to love USAA but no more.
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@Marcine, I think auto insurance is marginally better at USAA. That’s it. For all other financial needs, look elsewhere. It isn’t hard to find decent CDs at other institutions; at .01%, it may be worth the penalty to go elsewhere. 

60 years of loyalty to USAA is a very long time, but don't expect that return from today's management. If it really means that much to you, then you have plenty of options. USAA knows that most long-term members won't make the change, because it takes a little effort to get the process going. USAA was very loyal to the previous CEO and gave him a very nice bonus (about $6 Million) when he left USAA. What did members received in return? $140+ Million in fines by government regulators for failing to protect its members, and rock-bottom interest rates on savings, checking, cd, etc. That's one of many reasons why I took every financial asset I accumulated over 33+ years and moved them elsewhere about 3-4 yrs ago. Even helped my family move all of there resources out of USAA. The part that took longest was for my direct deposits to get rerouted to another financial institution. Am currently looking at my auto/home insurance policies. Good luck and keep us posted.

USAA CSR: No need to escalate to anyone or provide a comment.

Marcine, I understand you have concerns regarding Certificate of Deposit accounts and with information you've been provided. Your concerns are important to us and we will ensure this matter reviewed further by the appropriate team. Thank you. - Rhonda