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I am dismayed that I will be unable to use Silver Sneakers at the YMCA. the ymca is the best program available for seniors. They have more classes and are a much cleaner facility than the available gyms. Plus the fact that the 24 Hour Fitness center near me has permanently closed. I urge USAA to rec...
Ok USAA Family! Somebody is not trying to use some creative thinking! When there are hundreds of thousands of USAA members on hold...there isn’t much of a family life! Yes, I was on hold for 4 hours! No one on the travel center Supervisor Team picked up the phone... I understand that we are facing a...
I am having a hard time this holiday season because I miss my son who died from a tragic accident in November 2018 and wish I could find someone to talk to and help me get through it a little easier
After hours of looking, so far this is not a 'user friendly' site. FAQ's are near useless. Anyway ... how do I get a family member (daughter) into USAA. She is over 21, so not a 'minor'.
Hi I'm looking to find a lawyer that is willing to help me get back on path with my life I have old record that I'm making bad for myself the longer I live like this for my family. So someone send me a good lawyer to help me but willing to work with my income
Hi,is everyone who is an Active & Fit member still being charged even though their gyms are closed...??
Thank you for taking time to share your experience. In order to make sure it is reviewed by the appropriate area I have moved it from the Discuss Family Life board to the Support Banking board. Thank you.
USAA member Mat Shaw and his 15-year-old daughter Savannah have been sitting at their home in Utah like most of us due to the virus. Savannah belongs to their church choir and asked her dad to help her create a video to share with her friends on YouTube since their choir practices had been cancelled...
What have you learned most about yourself during our "shelter in place" policies?