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Has anyone seen MY USAA. Been members for 60 years. Recruiter throughout 34 years service.Has USAA gotten sooo big it hasn’t had time to read the purposes/aims/goals of the original USAA.I am very sad USAA has Been following the rest of the commercial world to compete to be the BEST. USAA has always...
So many upset with conservative views on this community lately. A Trump/Tucker ticket in 2024 would be so entertaining, just to read the post here.
Hello all. Does USAA offer an alternative to WA state's silly LTC insurance plan? Thanks!
I am 80 yo 50 year member USAA. My daughter is on my account, but I had a good deal of trouble getting that done. One of the few 'failings' of USAA. I would like to get help from a live agent as the new menu is extremely difficult to navigate. How do I get directly to an agent that will walk me thro...
I've added my wife to my account and she has a USAA #. But when she or I try to call to make her an account holder, we keep getting the run-around from USAA. Their instructions are not clear. Can I please get step by step instructions on giving my wife joint access to my USAA account?
Hi!I'm wondering if anyone knows if USAA has a list of suggested driving schools for new drivers? We live in the San Antonio TX area and was told that there was a list that are suggested/approved schools but I can't seem to find any information on them.Our daughter is 16 and nervous about driving ar...
I would liked be signed up for medical, dental and vision
My wife of 51 years, Annie, passed away last year. I didn't realize how much I loved and needed her until I woke up one night, reached for her, and she wasn't there. I really miss her but my focus has shifted to loving my living family members.
I have been with USAA over 11 years now. I would have never though the horror stories were true that I’ve heard. But if you never have experienced that issue you wouldn’t. I was hit with fraud. Instead of allowing me to have MY HARD EARNED MONEY back to provide for my household and feed my kids, you...
I am a senior member; my wife is also a member. Checking to see if her daughter and son-in-law are eligible via our membership.

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