Remember National Vietnam War Veterans Day 3/29

By Chad Storlie

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I came into the military just as the last of the Vietnam War veterans were leaving. The Vietnam War veterans were legends – Combat Infantry Badges (CIB) glittered on their uniforms and proud combat patches from the Americal Division, the “Big Red 1” and the 1st Cavalry Division were worn, faded, and honored on their dress uniforms. 


I was too scared then to ask them their stories as a baby faced 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry.  However, I listened and followed their advice on the importance of hard training, developing junior leaders that can take over at a moment’s notice, the vital importance of immediate trauma care to save lives, and the ability to use mortars, artillery, and Close Air Support (CAS) to save your unit.


Today, seek out a Vietnam Veteran and thank them. Listen, appreciate, and get others to do the same.  This generation of veterans served their nation well in a time when the United States never fully appreciated their service and sacrifice.  Don’t let another day pass without a “Thank You” and a handshake.


Share Your Story – What are your memories of Vietnam service or Vietnam veterans?


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Originally published by Chad Storlie March 2019

About the Author: Chad Storlie is a Retired US Army Officer, the author of Combat Leader to Corporate Leader and has published over 360 articles in over 185 publications on military veterans, career advancement, business, leadership, strategy, education, financial planning, and national security topics.  Chad excels as an author, mentor, speaker, and teacher showing business leaders and military veterans how military skills make lives, careers, and businesses better.  Chad is an adjunct Professor of Marketing at the University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management.  Chad has a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from Georgetown University.  Follow Chad @CombatToCorp.