Share Veterans Day with Your Kids Through Crafting

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Updated November 2021

My first grader is learning about veterans and Veterans Day in virtual school, and I am always* pleasantly surprised and inspired by the little voices I am lucky enough to hear through their Zoom meetings. *First graders also love to overshare embarrassing tid-bits about their families…”MY MOM LIKES WINE”.


“Bravery is when there is something new you haven’t tried and you are scared about it, but you do it and never give up.” -Bravery as defined by my six-year-old daughter Reagan.


These little voices see how brave veterans were for spending time away from their Mommys and Daddys, missing important events, and how brave they were to sleep outside in the dark! How brave they are now for completing their service and learning something new! We often skip these small but important acts of courageousness of veterans and how we can continue to recognize their bravery post service. They deserve so much respect and recognition and it’s easy to see how many ways they are brave by talking through service and dedication with our children.


We all stand to learn something about bravery from the six-year old kids in our lives- regarding veterans and their post service identities. This Veterans Day, let’s honor, discuss and share our gratitude, awe and love for our veterans and open the conversation with our children using this Veterans Day craft to make a star shaped sun catcher.



Supplies Needed:

Star Pattern (download here)
Red Construction Paper
Plastic Sandwich Bag (or clear plastic wrap)
Tissue Paper (Red, White and Blue)

Hole punch (optional)


Craft Step by Step USAA Community.jpgStep 1: Print and Cut out star and "V" from pattern sheet. Set "V" aside. Download pattern at here)

Step 2: Trace two stars onto red construction paper.

Step 3: Cut inside and outside borders of stars.

Step 4: Cut open a plastic sandwich bag (or use a square of clear plastic wrap)

Step 5: Glue plastic onto the first star.


Step 6: Cut or tear tissue paper into shapes and glue onto plastic in fun pattern.


Step 7: Glue second star on top of first and trim plastic from edges.


Step 8: Write veteran's initials on the "V" shape and glue in center of star.


Step 9: Poke hole at the top, add string and hang.


Step 10: Take a photo and share it on social media using the hashtag #HonorThroughAction


Please share in the comments if you and your family complete this craft! We would love to hear how it went and see photos!


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