Sesame Street for Military Families Introduces New Resources

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As a mother of two young children, Sesame Street is a staple in our house. From the catchy songs (I'm currently humming “Letter of the Day”) to the silly antics on Elmo’s World, my two girls have enjoyed learning and singing with the fuzzy and lovable characters. When my husband deployed before my second daughter’s first birthday, we utilized Sesame Street for Military Families deployment resources, and I truly believed they coped with his long absence better after watching the videos catered to families with deployed family members.



I was excited when I read the following announcement:

With support from USAA, our friends at Sesame Street for Military Families are introducing NEW resources for military kids and families coping with the uncertainties of COVID-19. Visit the topic page for videos, articles, and more: *

I personally know families who have dealt with very difficult deployments during the pandemic. All of these resources can be a great tool for Military families dealing with even more uncertainly than usual!


Please share- have you found resources geared toward military children that have helped you during times of transition?


*This post originally appeared on USAA’s Facebook page. Find USAA on Facebook and Twitter.