Day of the Deployed: Counting

Day of the Deployed Saying Goodbye.jpegCounting.

Counting the number of days until your loved one leaves.

Counting the holidays, birthdays, and milestones missed.

Counting packages sent, messages received, calls made and love letters written.

Counting those you’ve known lost in the line of duty.

Counting on those deployed to keep us safe.

Counting the days until homecoming.


Deployments, to me, are measured with counting. Counting in anticipation, counting with dread, counting your blessings, and counting on others to step in when you’re temporarily one family member down.


On October 26th, the Day of Deployed, think about how a deployed service member and their family could count on you.


Count on you to be a friend, to lend a hand, to send a letter, to assist the family at home when help is needed and for your thoughts and prayers.


To all those deployed, for answering the call of service to our great nation, and to your families holding down the home front- Thank you. I honor your commitment, resilience, bravery, and sacrifices. We are all counting down until your safe return.


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Know a service member deployed overseas? Send them a care package or letter as a thank you!