How Can Military Spouses Overcome Career Boundaries?

If you’re a military spouse you are more than familiar with the career boundaries you face with either frequent moves or busy military schedules. Although it may seem almost impossible to establish and maintain a successful career, I promise you it is not and you’re not alone.How Can Military Spouses Overcome Career Boundaries?


Based on the findings in Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families’ Military Spouse Employment Report, military spouses are more often underemployed or unemployed, earn less income, and have less career advancement than their civilian counterparts—despite possessing more advanced education.

That is about enough to discourage just about anyone, but will you let these boundaries and challenges stop you from obtaining the career you deserve?


Get your resume in tip top shape


When was the last time you updated your resume? As military spouses, don’t be frightened by creating/updating your resume. Those gaps can be easily filled with volunteer opportunities as well as work you have done for your community. Don’t forget that you should also look over your resume to ensure you are not overlooked due to a critical resume mistake. Make sure you follow these 4 Key Resume Tips to shine through all the other resumes.


Work from home

Recently, I wrote about Work from Home Truths, and one of the points made was that Work-from-home jobs are not all scams and can be a genuine opportunity to make money. As professionals, you may actually find it more comfortable to work from home. You also have flexibility in your schedule, which comes in handy during a PCS, deployment or TDY. If you are already working and are moving, have you ever thought about asking your current employer if you could work remotely? If you already have a job that you love, you may not have to leave it behind with the next move. Because of technology, programs like Skype and Google Hangouts make working remotely possible. Be professional; create a formal proposal outlining your plan. Be sure to include ways that you would continue to communicate with your team and stay accountable for your work. Most importantly, emphasize how valuable you are to the company.


Choose a career that fits your military lifestyle


If you don’t have a job and are searching or your employer nixed the working from home proposal, this could be your chance to dive into a new and exciting career. Look around, there are so many companies that are looking for people to work from home, keeping your career portable during those moves. Some wonderful opportunities to work from home could include careers in medical coding and billing, medical transcription, freelance writing, social media marketing, and web design. If you don’t have the skills to apply for one of these jobs, consider career training. Since we live in the digital world, all training can be easily done online.


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Angela Caban is an Army National Guard spouse, freelance writer, published author and branding expert. Her husband was one of the many soldiers impacted by the unprecedented activation of the National Guard in 2008. In 2010, she founded the Homefront United Network, a military spouse and family support blog created to assist spouses who do not live near an installation, but also focusing on bridging the gap between National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty spouses. She is also co-founder of SpouseTalks. As a branding and digital influencer, she has created content for A&E, Lifetime Network and PBS. She has an extensive background in Human Resources and Communications, with her Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Human Resources. Angela resides in the beautiful Garden State of New Jersey with her husband of 11 years and two children.


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