This has been the absolute worst experience in my life and I am so heart broken and disapointed with USAA and their Car Buying service. I grew up with my faimily as we moved from town to town it was just us. When I was finally on my own I had to buy a car. I truested USAA to be there and have my back and help me to do this on my own, but in the end they majorly screwed me over. Because of their car buying service, TrueCar, who I trusted to recommend vetted dealerships that helped with the car buying expreince I paid 6,000 more for a car. I found this out after several years when I went to trade in my car. TrueCar showed the value of my car was 13,000 - 10,000. However, after visiting with several dealerships 2 of which were on the USAA recommended dealership list, I found out the most my car was worth was 5,000 due to a salvaged title. Come to find out the dealership they supposedly vetted and recommended to me had pulled a fast one on me and sold me a salvaged title. Apparently, AutoSource is known to take advantage of their customers, especially those that are buying a car for the first time, by selling salvaged titles without really helping understand what you are getting. USAA, has done and will do nothing to help me out with this. Their recommend dealerships are shady, their pricing for trade in value is 5,000 off, and their APR rates are way higher than everyone else. I would definetly think twice before putting your trust into this rip off of a service. I will never use this again, and have learned a very valuable life lesson about salvaged titles and trusting USAA. Better luck to the rest of you. 


@Sam0078, Thank you for sharing your experience with the USAA Car Buying Service. I'm saddened to learn that your experience was not positive. I understand that you have concerns about the value of your car. Please allow me to engage a subject matter expert to review those concerns. We will conduct a follow-up with you after a thorough review of the situation. ~DC

Interesting.  Thank goodness I was fortunate to see thru the USAA recommended dealers deviousness before it was too late.   About 11/12 months or so ago I went thru the USAA car buying web site and shortly several dealers began contacting me.  One dealer in a nearby town was "more appealing".  I contacted them once and told them I  was very near buying but needed just a little time to decide  and to get some ducks lined up.  For the next 3 weeks I received numerous emails and phone calls (3-4 times a week) telling me what a good deal they would give thru the TrueCar/USAA Program, and a great deal of persistent but low pressure.  Then I decided, , did some homework, selected  the vehicle, trim level and options I wanted, got the TrueCar  price information from their web site (the info on the bell curve chart) and contacted the dealer.  Because the dealer was out of town, I hoped for some understanding of a price before I went up there.  So, I sent them a copy of the details frome the TrueCar site and asked for a price at or below the TrueCar "average price".  The dealer did not reply.  After a few days I called and my contact said he would talk to management and get back to me shortly.  He never did.  Bottom line, the dealer had no intention of selling me a vehicle at the prices touted in the car buying program.  They use the program to make contacts.  I called USAA to ask for more detail on how the program works, etc., was told they would follow-up and get back to me.  Didn't happen.  6 months ago I bought the vehicle (ordered w/ same options, etc.) at a local dealer at $400+ below the TrueCar "average" .

Hello @Old Army, this is not the experience we want our members to have. I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert. Once reviewed we will be in contact with you. -Colleen

Give USAA credit.  Mark did contact me.  He said Tru-Car would contact me.  Tru-car never contacted me. Nor anyone.  Bottom line,  the intentions of the dealer, Tru-Car and USAA are as I described.  Just a scheme.  Draw in buyers and sell at a higher price than the customer originally  believed.  Otherwise, why would a dealer just drop me. I was ready to buy at the average Tru-car price as was given in their web site. Told them so. The dealer was not interested.  As I described before, once i saw how it works, I bought a Pick Up via another means.  Wasted my time.


BTW, my original comment was not to initiate a complaint.  I ran across some else's comments and just had to chime in.  Seems others, too, have these experiences.  One might ask, how widespread; 10%  50%,  75% 90% + ???  And USAA continues to promote.