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I am beyond unhappy with Francisco, the Adjuster assigned to my case. Anytime I ask for something to be done or any type of follow-up he tells me that he doesn't do this, and he doesn't do that and that I need to call people. This is my first time in an accident, and I pay USAA all this money every month only to find out that I have to do everything myself.

1. I thought Francisco was calling collision centers to get me scheduled to have my vehicle repaired. I messaged and called Friday and Saturday and he finally followed up with me on Monday. Francisco was off from Friday - Monday. I didn't hear back within the 4 hours for a phone call or 24 hours for an email. He said, oh, I took off Friday. Well, that would have been nice to know so that I would not have expected him to respond for an extended period of time. And when I talked to him, he said that it was my responsibility to schedule the appointment... WELL that would have been nice to know on May 3rd so that I could have gotten the ball rolling. What is his purpose again???

2. I waited almost 2 weeks to see the supplemental report from the collision center. I asked Francisco if the report was received. He said that I could call the collision center to follow-up. Well, why couldn't he... What is his purpose again???

3. I have been without my vehicle since May 3rd. I did not know that I could have requested that the driver at fault's insurance company provide me with a rental. I asked Francisco to request loss of use from the insurance company during subrogation and he said that that can't be done. He said I should have called the other drivers insurance company to request a rental - why was I not told this as soon as fault was determined and USAA received the driver's insurance information, which I didn't have. So, I had to ask Francisco for the driver's insurance information.

HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW ANY OF THIS! All this time Francisco has repeatedly told me what he can't do and what isn't his responsibility. He has not taken any initiative to tell me what I could request, what I should be doing, or how things work because had he done so I wouldn't be as frustrated. This is my first accident and I have no knowledge of how things are done. Here I have an adjuster that I thought was on my side and here to help me, but he treated me like I was just supposed to know what to do. He offered no guidance outside of what he clearly does for people who already know the process. I DON'T KNOW THE PROCESS. I clearly didn't know a lot of things and all he ever says is "I apologize Ms. Johnson"... I don't need apologies; I need white glove service for the money that I have paid and continue to pay USAA for each month that helps to pay Francisco’s salary so that he can provide me with ALL the information that I need. Not just the standard, boiler plate, run of the mill, check-off the box’s kind of information. I needed him to do more than just check off his boxes. I am so disappointed and stressed out over this whole ordeal. I have lost time, sleep, and what little bit of patience I have left. I highly doubt he would have treated a family member or even himself like this after an accident. He would have gone above and beyond to ensure they had ALL of the information necessary to minimize stress and any undue hardship. He simply did not care, and I am not okay with having all the responsibilities that he has pushed off on me without me even knowing that I had all these responsibilities. I still don't have my car and I don't know when it's going to be fixed. I took it to the collision center on May 15th and since Francisco didn't follow up with them, the supplemental report wasn't sent to USAA until May 23rd which was the day that I called the collision center myself to find out what was going on. It's clear that nothing happens, and nothings gets done unless I do it myself. If that is the case, then why am I not receiving Francisco's pay? I work too and this has taken time out of my day, yet no one has reimbursed me for the time that I have had to spend doing all the follow-up and taking care of everything myself. And now I also have been tasked with negotiating loss of use with the other insurance company. I mean seriously, when does it end?? AND again, who is paying for me the time that I am spending doing all the work?

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Definitely not like the commercials they put out to the public. The one that comes to mind is the "Made for Martin" TV Spot for USAA.

Exactly... They really don't care. No one has even reached out to me yet to discuss my issues and concerns. Once this claim is closed, I'm done with this company. 

@Summer1234, I can definitely understand your frustration with everything going on, and we hope that you are ok from the accident. It's important that we communicate and and follow through on expectations set. Your experience is not what we expect or hope that our members have, and we've escalated your post/claim for further handling. -Marti

This explains why Francisco didn't care when I told him I was going to complain about his service. He knew that Chris Lampkin wouldn't do anything. I'm pretty sure I'm not the first person to complain...

I just spoke with Chris Lampkin, Francisco's, supervisor who told me that in his opinion Francisco has done what he is supposed to do. He also said that he will not assign me a new adjuster. I'm beyond annoyed. I will be posting reviews everywhere about this, I will not recommend anyone to USAA ever again, and I will make sure that my whole family moves their business to a different company. I am beyond appalled. 

I also want to add that Pharen was and has been the MOST HELPFUL to date. Chris Lampkin said that he was going say something to Pharen's supervisor and I want it on record that Pharen is AWESOME. 

For the CEO--USAA clearly has a customer communications problem. Maybe someone should look into this? "Members" are customers ; not pack mules. This problem is prevalent in many customers comments and frustrations. All the best. TY,