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  • New Homes and Garden Gnomes

    Considering a new home purchase this spring? Here are five tips to ensure the process goes smoothly.

  • Dealing With "Retiree Guilt" By Doug Nordman - GOING CIVILIAN Guest Writer and founder of

    "Retiree guilt"?!? That subject wasn't discussed at any of my transition seminars. However this unexpected speed bump can be an especially surprising source of family stress. It's the retiree's equivalent of survivor guilt. Instea...

  • Great Road Trip Applications

    If you are lucky to live somewhere where the weather is nice, you may prefer a stay-cation for any upcoming vacation plans, but if the open road is calling your name here are some nifty apps to make your time on the road all the more enjoyable!

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    USAA NEWS - Response to Akamai Server Vulnerability

    Everybody; You should read the following IMPORTANT NEWS STORY: USAA Responds to Akamai Server Vulnerability 1. USAA Member Concern...


    Are there any banks in Arizona that I can deposit money that are associated with usaa?

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    Aren1476; Read this USAA Member Community Post: How To Find Local USAA Centers, ATM's or Check Deposit Locations It sho...

    Thank You

    I just received an email from USAA regarding many of you that will be leaving the military soon due to cuts. I felt the need to po...

    BrianaHartzellUSAA's avatar
    SWHART82, Thank you for your service and for being a member of USAA, it is our pleasure to serve you and we hope to con...
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    SWHART82: I agree! Being former military (Air Force in my case) I thank YOU for your kind words. I know it was an overs...

    Budgeting and tracking my accounts!

    I feel the MY ACCOUNTS section should have better features for printing and exporting account balaces; on the other hand, maybe I'...

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    Fred; I am unsure of what you mean by the following comment: ------------------------------Forther there are no balance...
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    Thanks so much to the GURUfor getting the ball rolling here! For David Wood-- You have got a great start on making it p...

    I'd rather live without locks!

    Military families: DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH ADT! They do not respect the military clause. I would rather live without locks tha...

    Transfer of Roth IRA's and another account to our USAA ac...

    We have two Roth IRA's and an account w/ Oppenheimer.....The agent is in Ohio and will no longer be able to manage it for us here ...

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    Danger Forward; I am not a USAA Advisor, nor a USAA Employee. I am just a Member like you. That said, the subject of IR...

    Serious problem with ADT Sales Rep

    We had a flood in the house. Major damage. But we have USAA insurance and everything will be restored. One system knocked out was ...

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    Mike; It was great to see USAA will fullfill their insurance obligations by your comment "We had a flood in the house. ...


    Looking to switch from Verizon, to T-Mobile. Any and all feedback is welcome. How is service in the Midwest?

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    Verizon is better than Tmobile in much of the Midwest - especially when you get out of the metro areas.
    I would stay with Verizon unless you are on a tight budget.

    Usaa members rights

    I called to dispute a payment and usaa processed it? I never heard back from anyone. Nice usaa to take care of your members

    26 yrs coming to an end

    Not a food story.After a 26 yr relationship I give.I have always bragged about the hight standard of USAA, primarily due to the su...