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  • Looking to supplement your family’s income? Part-time may be the way!

    The day we received our orders to our first duty station I knew that I had just opted into making many tough professional/career oriented choices if this was to be our life. Many military families, like mine, are finding that part-time (or independent contractor) work to supplement their family’s military income is just enough for them to reach their financial goals and provide for extra expenses that come up along the way. So what are they doing? Here’s a list…

  • Celebrating Military Kids

    April is the month of the Military Child. During this month local installations and military communities across the country will plan special events and activities to celebrate the service and resilience of children who have a parent serving in the armed forces. Here are some resources for military kids to take advantage of not only this month, but all year long:

  • 3 Things to Know About Term Life Insurance

    Regardless of your situation, term life insurance is something you should know about. Did you know that the "term" is mostly about the premium? That it's relatively cheap initially? And that most people won't keep it forever?

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    Consolidations of Students Loans

    I was curious if USAA offers consolidation of students loans. I am not worried about budgeting and emergency funds as we are stron...

    Debt consolidation

    Does USAA have consolidation loans? My husband and I are in the process of moving, buying a new home (with Movers Advantage) and w...

    My taxes

    Seriously, I have been trying to complete my taxes for a time now . i habvengt done them in a while and i have some debts to catch...

    How Do You Overcome Perceptions About Military People?

    You’re in the Prospective Employer’s waiting room just 5 minutes before that important job interview. You’re dressed sharp, your r...

    Career Choices

    With so many career choices out there, what career field interests you the most? What career field is an unsolved mystery to you? ...

    Toward More Work/Life Balance

    Duty calls. You answer. There’s no OFF switch in the military for the most part. Yes, you might get to go on Leave for a time, but...

    Converting dollars to euros

    What's the best way to convert dollars to euros for a trip to Europe?

    WEBSITE GURU's avatar
    William; The exchange rate between U.S Dollars and Euro's is constantly changing. Therefore you could check one of seve...

    How to remove Board of Directors?

    Okay members, I have ben looking for a while and cannot find anything abut replacing or firing members of the Board of Directors. ...

    BrianaHartzellUSAA's avatar
    Mike Rat38, Thank you for taking the time to post. Here is a link to a page that talks about USAA's corporate governanc...


    I Used to enjoy being able to deposit checks to USAA with my scanner. Very nice so if it works take it away. Tried to do a deposit...

    School Loan Consolidation

    My Husband just graduated from college. We have several student loans that we are thinking of consilidating into a single managabl...

    Father of 4-Sparrow5's avatar
    Father of 4-Sparrow5
    I'm interested in student loan consolidation information as well.
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    Does USAA service student loans?