USAA to Help Members in Event of Government Shutdown

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Congress is currently working on a plan to provide funding for the federal government past Feb. 8 and avoid a government shutdown. While we are hopeful that federal policymakers will soon reach an agreement, USAA stands ready to assist our members should a government shutdown occur.

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We are prepared to offer a no-interest payroll advance loan to our military members in the event of a protracted shutdown that disrupts military pay on Feb. 15.


In addition, USAA offers a number of other solutions, such as special payment arrangements, to help members who find themselves in financial distress due to a disruption in federal payments.


If a funding agreement is not reached and a disruption in military pay seems likely, USAA will email eligible members with information about how to sign up.


Frequently asked questions


Q. Can other account holders apply for this loan too?

A. Any account holder on the eligible member’s qualifying deposit account or someone who has power of attorney on the account can accept the loan offer.


Q.  What if some members don’t get paid for a long period of time?

A. USAA is committed to helping our members plan for their financial security and has a long history of helping members through difficult financial times. The no-interest, 0 percent APR payroll advance loan can offer much-needed assistance to our military members but is designed to provide temporary assistance.


Q. Why isn’t USAA making this loan available to members who are not in the military?

A. USAA stands ready to help members whose pay is disrupted by a government shutdown. While members might be impacted in a number of ways, the payroll advance loan is designed to help military members who are facing a payment that may be delayed but is required to be repaid by the government. For those who are impacted in other ways, we encourage them to contact us so we can identify solutions that help meet their particular needs.


Q. I’ve been deemed an essential employee, so I’m missing a paycheck that is required to be repaid. But I’m not in the military. Why won’t you offer me a loan?

A. Given the difficulty of determining each individual’s situation, we’re limiting the payroll advance loan to eligible military members with existing direct deposit at USAA Bank.

We will also offer other solutions, including special payment arrangements, to help USAA members who receive government payments and find themselves in financial distress due to a shutdown.


Q. Will this cover Veterans Affairs benefit payments?

A. VA benefits are not expected to be disrupted if there’s a government shutdown after the Feb. 8. deadline.


Q. Can USAA members get a deferment on loans or P&C policy payments if they are adversely affected by this situation?

A. For those who are adversely impacted by a government shutdown, we’d encourage them to contact us so we can identify solutions that meet their particular needs. Members should call 800-531-USAA (8722).


Q. Will the loan be paid automatically?

A. While we hope a funding deal will be reached well before any loan is needed, should that change, we will email eligible members with an offer to sign up for the loan and provide them with additional information.


Q. How will the loan be repaid?

A. The full amount of the advance will automatically be deducted when military pay resumes. 


Q. I’m stationed overseas and didn’t get this offer. Why?

A. While we can offer the loan to over 97 percent of our current eligible military members, we are unfortunately unable to offer the product to residents of some overseas locations due to regulatory restrictions. This includes APOs in those countries. We apologize for how this might impact you, but there may be other ways we can help you. Please contact us so we can understand your particular situation.


Q. Why did that change from prior years?

A. We make changes as necessary based on laws and regulations. We apologize for how this might impact you, but there may be other ways we can help you. Please contact us so we can understand your particular situation.


Q. Besides the U.S., where can you offer the loan?

A. Due to legal restrictions, we are unfortunately only able to offer the loan in the following foreign countries: Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Ireland, the UK. Members residing in all U.S. territories are also eligible: Puerto Rico, U S Virgin Islands, Guam, North Mariana Islands and American Samoa.


Q. Why is this an issue for USAA and not its competitors?

A. We can’t really speak to what other companies are doing. We can, however, offer the loan to approximately 97 percent of our current eligible military members.


For more information on the possible government shutdown impact to USAA and for more financial tools, visit or call USAA at 1-800-531-USAA.

*Must have current direct deposit of government payments with USAA Bank and at least two months of consecutive direct deposits of such payments. Loan amount is based upon two weeks of your normal direct deposit, and loan maximum is $6,000. Must be in good standing with USAA. The loan amount deposited into your USAA account will be automatically debited at the next scheduled direct deposit, and the automatic deduction may cause your account to become overdrawn. Loan may not be funded if your direct deposit is not interrupted or may be funded for a lesser amount in the event only a portion of your qualifying direct deposits are interrupted. Loans provided by USAA Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC.


Use of the term “member” or “membership” refers to membership in USAA Membership Services and does not convey any legal or ownership rights in USAA. Restrictions apply and are subject to change.