USAA to Expand Offices, Staff for Growing Membership

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 USAA officials announced in August plans to expand several of its existing office locations to accommodate growth in both members and the employees who serve them.


“For 95 years, we have focused on serving the financial needs of the military community,” says USAA CEO Stuart Parker. “Our investments today better prepare us to care for our members for years to come.”


Five locations across the country are included in these plans:



At USAA’s Home Office in San Antonio, 1,500 insurance and information technology staff will soon relocate to newly constructed space nearby at the Vista Corporate Center and in WestRidge. USAA currently employs nearly 19,000 in the area.


In Plano, the project will create a new 150,000-sq.-ft. office building adjacent to USAA’s existing building in the Legacy Corporate Center. It will provide room for 850 workers when complete in early 2019.



Construction has begun on a second office building at the Crosstown Center campus in Tampa. When complete in early 2019, the new facility will provide 240,000 sq. ft. of office space, accommodating an additional 1,000 employees.



In Colorado Springs, the existing office space overlooking the U.S. Air Force Academy has been recently renovated, making it possible to add 100 more employees to its current staff of 1,800.



The Phoenix office was recently expanded to allow for future growth. Currently, 3,800 people work at this campus.


Members’ changing needs are the driving force behind the continued growth at these offices, according to Michael Merwarth, executive vice president of Enterprise, Strategy and Marketing at USAA.


A larger workforce of skilled professionals is required to fulfill the organization’s growing membership of more than 12 million military personnel and their family members, and to ensure excellent service.


“USAA is planning to add a few thousand employees over the next few years,” Merwarth said. “Accommodating that growth will help attract top talent while continuing to care for employees in our existing locations.”


Consistently ranked high as a preferred place to work, USAA has earned the Gallup Great Workplace Award and listed on FORTUNE “100 Best Companies to Work For®.” USAA was recently recognized as a “Best-in-Class”* brand in the 2017 Forrester U.S. Customer Experience Index.


USAA employs 32,000 people worldwide in San Antonio, Addison, Plano and Austin, Texas; Phoenix, Ariz.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Tampa, Fla.; Chesapeake, Va.; London, England, and Frankfurt, Germany.


Learn more about available opportunities at USAA Careers.




*USAA received a Best In Class ranking (a top-15 brand) among all 314 brands covered in Forrester’s proprietary 2017 CX Index™ survey. The ranking was based on responses from over 118,000 US adult customers in 2017. The proprietary survey results are based on consumers’ opinions of their experiences with the brands in the survey.


The Customer Experience Index, August 2017, Forrester Research, Inc. 


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USAA is an EEO/AA/Disabled/Veterans employer.



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Time to open an service office in Minnesota
USAA Service
USAA Service

Thank you for sharing and we are very proud to be expanding. Who knows one day we may end up in the Minnesota market if it makes business sense strategically. Have great evening and take care for now! - Darrell

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I agree with batman23. There's a lot of veterans in Minnesota. Should be an office here. I've been with USAA for 7yrs. Thank you
Airman Lynx
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Is there anyway USAA can team with local merchants like Amscot or CCS to make cash deposit easier? Otherwise USAA is a good service.
USAA Service
USAA Service

Hey there Airman Lynx. At this time, we do not have plans to team with local merchant. However, an option you have is to convert any cash that needs to be deposited, into a money order. You may then use the deposit@home feature to deposit the funds.  You may also use our Zelle feature if you happen to use a local bank. This feature allows you to instantly transfer funds between your two banks.  We appreciate your feedback and time taken to send us your post.  ~Jen

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I was very happy to see a financial office in San Diego County... that is until it closed a couple months... what happned?
USAA Service
USAA Service

Hi SoldierM, I regret your disappointment with the closing of our Financial Centers. We definitely strive to make service convenient for our members. Only 2.1 percent of members visited a Financial Center in 2016, down from 2.5 percent in 2015. With more than 1 billion digital banking transactions in 2016, the USAA mobile app and have become the most common ways members bank with USAA. I have shared your feedback regarding this matter with our banking team. We continually look for ways to improve our services and your comments will help us do so. Thank you for tanking the time to reach out to us. - Ben

Buffalo 1
It would be nice to have a physical office in Buffalo or at least Niagara Falls, NY. Buffalo has many service members and Niagara Falls has an Air Force Base.
USAA Service
USAA Service

Thanks for your feedback, Buffalo 1! I will share your feedback for further consideration and review. We appreciate your membership! -Meredith

Meathead 22
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Charlie Mike

I was SHOCKED to see a USAA physical location off of the 78 in San Diego County (near College Ave, I think).   I guess we have been using USAA online for so long it is weird to think of it as a physical location.   I have an account with a local bank (on the corner) and hooked it up so I could transfer funds.  That way, when I need cash I can just go through the drive through almost next door.  While deployed, I used my USAA card as an ATM card (without charge) to obtain cash.   Taking care of the oversease military is one of the best things that USAA does flawlessly.

Anyway, I think that is the reason the physical sites don't get a lot of use.  We are just not used to it.