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USAA Reviewing Advertising Policy

‎05-30-2017 10:04 PM

Shelby-Rayborn-News-Center-double-logo (2).pngUSAA is assessing its advertising placement rules after learning our commercials were airing on opinion-based television news programs, which is inconsistent with a policy in place since 2011.


Last week, USAA ads were removed from several programs, including ”Hannity” on Fox News, “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on MSNBC, and “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on CNN.


We heard from our members and know the decision to stop advertising on these shows created confusion and concern among those who believe USAA was caving to pressure or abandoning someone who is a strong supporter of the military. This isn’t the case. The decision was based on our advertising policy and not the result of outside pressure or related to anything done or said on these programs.


While we review our advertising policy, all previously removed USAA ads on programs representing a variety of perspectives will be reinstated later this week. We understand that the lines between news and commentary are increasingly blurred. As such, the review of our policy will seek to determine how best to apply it in the current media environment.


USAA recognizes the value of these TV programs and believes in free speech. Our advertising policy seeks to avoid any suggestion of bias or support for one set of views over another and will continue to honor diversity and inclusion of perspectives.


Since 1922, USAA has proudly served the military and their families, and our ranks are heavy with veterans and military spouses. All of our employees are unwavering in their fulfillment of USAA’s mission in our members’ times of need – from automobile accidents to catastrophic weather losses; providing loans at no interest when those serving don’t get paid; and through donations to our community and non-profit organizations dedicated to military family resiliency.

by Grateful2
‎05-30-2017 10:20 PM
I am so sorry USAA is back to advertising on opinionated shows . I am a 49 year member and a GOPer except for this guy that has stolen our party
Pls do not support racists, sexists and novices for POTUS it is too scary
by NavyTacco
‎05-30-2017 10:24 PM

You advertise where your potential customers can be reached. I get it. We all get it. No bias or support is inferred. The moment you withdraw advertising, you exhibit the very bias you you say you want to avoid. Stop trying to be politically correct and stick to business. The single thing for which I hold you accountable are reasonable rates for a good product. Fail in this regard and you're fired.  

by Ann20
‎05-30-2017 10:26 PM
Sadly, you have lost the trust of many of your customers. This is a very weak response. Maybe you should consider that many in the military are conservative, as is Sean Hannity. The same cannot be said of the other so called reporters on MSNBC or CNN who have worked ceaselessly to undermine our POTUS.
by Loyal Lion
‎05-30-2017 10:56 PM
Thank you for reconsidering your policy and reestablishing your advertising with Sean Hannity.

Despite your explanation, the timing smacks of left-leaning policies. I was seriously considering changing services to a different company since USAA seemed to be riding the tide of political leaning businesses these days instead of sticking to their core values.

I'm glad you made a 'course correction'.
by Old guyretired
‎05-30-2017 11:00 PM
I am a 40 year plus member. I find your response a cop out. If this has been your policy since 2011 why is it just being enforced now. Seems you are caveing in to pressure from somehere. Let's support the office of President of the USA
‎05-30-2017 11:13 PM

Our family is going to research moving most of our accounts, including checking, savings, car insurance, and home insurance, as well as credit cards.  We likely cannot move our mortage now, since the refi wasn't long ago, but of all the things we'd like to move, that would be the one after all the errors we had to find in our household, pre-closing date 18 months ago!  We hate leaving business with USAA that we never got any apology on, were sent a certified letter saying "this matter is closed and we won't be apologizing" and yet, we found more mistakes months later that needed correction at the highest level of USAA.  We weren't impressed.


We all deserve and need a REAL apology, USAA.  You underestimated your members, the people who truly OWN the company, when you gave the half-hearted reasons for pulling out of Hannity.  It wasn't that people were calling for you to stop advertising on other networks, even for people to cheer that we all watch and love Hannity's show, but it was the pulling out of one of the military-friendliest networks and staunchest supporters of the US military (when has CNN, MSNBC, or any other network or "celeb" done much for the military on a regular basis?) that bothered everyone and was a real shock.  We all read online, on other blogs, some of your employees' confessions of how the culture at USAA is also becoming squeamishly PC (Rainbow marches, LGBTQ support, not that there is a thing wrong with it, but we were all told online in these blogs over the weekend that this is what permeates your culture at USAA now behind the scenes, for employees to support, do, read).  Now, we are supposed to also believe you "did not know" or "did not notice" that Hannity was receiving funds until recently or that he's an opinion show--all of a sudden!  


Our family doesn't watch Hannity much, but due to the terror attacks in London, we had the news on with BBC and Fox alternating last week...when we heard Hannity saying he was being squeezed out by a coordinated liberal attack on his advertising, and that's when the firestorm hadn't even begun and he didn't mention USAA or anything specific.  All of us could easily compare and contrast, others were watching and would notice, USAA, when you lied to your customers and told all of us that this was being done "across the board" but for many days afterward, and until this media watchdog got involved, you were not planning to move any dollars from CNN, MSNBC, etc. for their opinion shows.


We are owed an apology and many of us have left, will leave, so that means rates go up for everyone else.  I want to know how much money was lost already!  We will all have higher insurance rates, for sure, with this customer base loss of last week and the weekend and the fallout, and so I don't want it passed to me.  That's why we want to go, but I'd be curious to hear the tally of how many dollars pulled out the past four or five days!


USAA, unlike your ugly, rude, Ops and Channels "leadership" of a couple of years ago, so rude to our family, you owe us an apology you can't get out of.  As my former college friend used to say, "Karma doesn't let you go, and it will find you"--and now, it's your turn to grovel, USAA.

by riley41
‎05-30-2017 11:26 PM
IMy husband and I have been members for 48 years. I am pleased to see you reinstate your advertising on Hannity and the other programs. Although I am very disturbed by the negative reporting on CNN and MSNBC, I am not going to boycott USAA for advertising on these programs, as Media Matters was encouraging their followers.
by Ossiffer
‎05-30-2017 11:55 PM - edited ‎05-30-2017 11:59 PM

Goodbye USAA....  I am leaving too.....Your statement is full of cr@p, I find your integrity wanting..... too late......goodbye forever....

by Erik_
‎05-31-2017 01:15 AM

You caved and it's obvious.  It would be easier to forgive you if you accepted responsibility for that instead of pretending it didn't happen.  You've lost my trust and loyalty.

by LeeAles
‎05-31-2017 04:31 AM
Your decision to continue advertising on Hannity is upsetting however, I understand the business decision only if you continue advertising on Hardball, Rachel Madow and others. If not it shows your lack of commitment to be impartial.
by Rockytoo
‎05-31-2017 06:50 AM

I find it disturbing that USAA is associated with ANY of these rabidly confrontational opinion programs.  I suppose it is a "fact" that many people get their "news" from these programs/sites...and therefore, that is where the advertising targets are.  It just seems out of whack to have USAA associated with them.

‎05-31-2017 07:10 AM

I have been a member for 38 years and I was angered by your recent actions IRT advertising. Very poor planning and research on your part as the optics and timing of the whole thing were suspicious at best. Over the years my experience with USAA has been very good and I will not be looking for a new supplier of my banking and insurance needs. You top management made a serious mistake and seriously misread the political position of the majority of your subscribers. I am glad to see you are making a course correction, but like many others here I am watching closely.

by These United States
‎05-31-2017 07:35 AM

So USAA is going to resume advertising on the program of a shill for our four-draft-deferment Commander-in-Chief? "SAD!"

by Reallyoldguy
‎05-31-2017 07:41 AM

I'm another 4 decade member. Member. We are an association of co-owners, meeting each other's needs through our own shared tools (USAA products and services). Why are we advertising at all? If service members and their families don't know about USAA without an ad campaign, might I suggest they are too oblivious to be a good fit for our club of responsible military-associated persons? I'd be happy for slightly fewer members, slightly lower premiums, slightly larger annual distributions, and let the stockholder-owned companies fight the bloody culture war raging in America right now. We were trained to fight real wars for America, not fake ones designed to divide our country into factions again. The last time we tried turning on each other, everybody had a really bad time. Let's not replay 1860. I wasn't there, but I hear it was quite the mess. Let's look for common ground and quit yelling at each other all the time. e pluribus unim, guys.

by Extremely Mad4
‎05-31-2017 07:54 AM
Your spin on explaining why you withdrew advertising on Hannity was totally BS. Do you believe your members are that stupid. Instead of rethinking your advertising policy you should be firing the mosquito that made that decision rather than protect them.
by Lummy
‎05-31-2017 09:02 AM

What were you thinking? It's obvious you weren't thinking! You pull advertising from a large Military supporter because you think "Media Matters" is correct? They are so far out in left field and hate our President. Whether you voted for him or not - HE WON - Get over it and support the POTUS. Quit letting your Snowflake employees make advertising decisions or you could lose a large member base.

by dj29
‎05-31-2017 09:19 AM

As a company dedicated to service members and their families, USAA should not be backing, with ad revenue or otherwise, any politicized conspiracy peddlers masquerading as news. A throughout examination of media relations and policy is in order. It is my hope that USAA does not acquiesce to polarizing pressures from people and groups who are readily demanding adherence to ideology over the good of our nation. 

by AvNav
‎05-31-2017 10:28 AM

As a long time member I wish USAA had taken a hard look at enforcing it's policy a long time ago. NO ad dollar support should go to ANY programing Right or Left that expresses racist, sexist, conspiracy or hate of any kind as this can be taken as something that USAA supports. Just because someone is a supporter of the military is not a good fit if they are also a consiracy peddler!

by Buddward
‎05-31-2017 10:31 AM
I find it disgusting that USAA would advertise on CNN since they employ Kathy Griffin. What she did was beyond the
by Covfefe
‎05-31-2017 10:36 AM

Sean Hannity peddles lies and falsehoods - the "Rich" story makes that clear.  As a 27-year member of USAA, I am very disappointed that you have reinstated your support for Hannity.  This is the first time I am seriously thinking about leaving USAA.

It would probably be best for USAA to stop advertising on specific shows that are heavy on opinion, like Hannity's.  Advertising on a network is one thing, but sponsoring a liar and hate-monger is another.

by Outraged1
‎05-31-2017 10:49 AM
I completely endorsed USAA action to remove all advertising from a show like Sean Hannity and now I am sad that USAA has reversed course...your members are loyal to the product and services USAA provide's because of USSA integrity and honesty - Sean Hannity has neither of these qualities please reconsider and drop Sean Hannity once and for all!! Semper fi
by the_dster69
‎05-31-2017 11:15 AM
What an utter embarrassment...USAA just learned that Hannity is an opinion show? Pure cowardice...after all the guys does for veterans' causes. I strongly encourage USAA to revisit this decision.

As for Maddow, Mathews, and Tapper...pretty sure no one would be sad to see USAA avoid advertising during their "shows"...
by paparere
‎05-31-2017 11:20 AM

USAA, proudly supports freedom....err, except the freedom of speech, or freedoms that some people disagree with,  err except just some of the Bill of Rights.


Can the CEO please put a real apology on the website.


This is like United airlines dragging a passenger down the aisle to be thrown off the plane, except this is USAA dragging conservatives down the aisle to be thrown off the plane.


Also, in the military, if someone had been in violation of a policy since 2011, they would be fired.  Don't your ad buying people actually watch TV?  I would hire ad people that actually watch the ads that they buy and see where they are placed.


Your customers are military and expect a responsible assumption of acccountability here.

by cagintx
‎05-31-2017 11:21 AM

I'm a 46 year member and have so many policies with USAA that it would cause my family a great deal of grief for me to switch them at this point.  If it wouldn't, I'd be gone.   I also have 2 sons that are USAA members.  I'll let them make their own decision.


Basically, until you received a lot of negative feedback you singled out a talk show host who cares about this country more than his own ratings or celebrity.  To say that disgusts me would be an understatement.  The fact you would even advertise on CNN and MSNBC is beyond comprehesion.  I'm sure it's justified by some marketing statistic, but without much research I find it hard to believe Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews have a massive audience of active or former military.  If they do, then I'm out of sync and probably should be quiet.


Mark me down as highly disappointed in a company that has served me and my family well for almost 50 years.


by capatlarge
‎05-31-2017 11:34 AM

I am not a big Hannity fan, sometimes he gets a little carried away but I do think he loves his cournty and is a patriot. But it was sad to here USAA surcumbed to the left wing bed wetting liberal commi. media and their powerful friends. There is so much left wing propaganda on the radio and TV today that we need shows like Hannity to try and counter balance the sick left wingers we got nowadays. I was glad to here USAA woke up and came back as an advertiser to the show even though Hannity can get on my nerves sometimes. My concern is not about Hannity but how a supporter of American Veterans could allow the socialist to ever pressuer them into dropping a show that is pro american and pro military. I say this as a Veteran of the Viet Nam erra. Please stop getting weak kneed and use sound judgement when making big decisons, the left wing liberals  are determined  to destroy our country and freedom that so many people have given their lives to preserve. If you want to keep me as a customer then do not allow the left wing socialist to determine what shows you advertise on. 


American Vet. God Bless the USA.

by 46 year member1
‎05-31-2017 11:36 AM

Military service might skew USAA membership slightly conservative but I think our association reflects the nation, the last election and the general population - essentially we are 30 % deeply right, 30% deeply left and 40 % somewhere in the middle.  The deeply right and deeply left members will be more vocal, same as they are in society but at the end of the day, both groups are a minority.  Given USAA is a business that has members on all sides of the political spectrum, trying to please one group or for that matter, all groups is impossible.  therefore, I strongly recommend that we stop advertising in all opinionated forums whether they be TV, radio, socal media, internet blogs or some other forum.  You cannot please everyone - heck, you cannot please a majority by trying to walk the wire so lets stop the madness and let our advertising dollars touch potential members in less controversial settings.

by ekwitt
‎05-31-2017 11:37 AM

It's not the fact that you chose to advertise USAA on these stations that torques my jaw.  It is that you cowardly reacted to a threat from Media Matters and pulled your support from Hannity.  This is not the sort of response I expect from a "military-member organization" cut and run at the first sign of conflict!  Find your backbone USAA.

by TexNat
‎05-31-2017 11:57 AM - edited ‎05-31-2017 12:11 PM

Your pathetic "apology" attempt strongly paralles Kathy Griffin's. She didn't THINK and/or get the positive response that she hoped for, her venues were cancelled, and even anti-Trump people called her out. She knew exactly what she was doing and not until she was called out on her stupidity, did she appologize. BTW...she didn't have the decency to appologize to Barron Trump, nor President Trump and his family. Just as bad...CNN's, Jake Tapper (who you support) was unprofessional in his response to her on-line assisation attempt on President Trump. I'm so tired of what USAA, the left-wing media, HRC and our FORMER prez  have done/are doing to this country. WE THE PEOPLE are no longer united because of the LIES, maniuplation, and political correctness that has been created for the sole purpose of greed and pay for play. I used to be proud to tell people that I was a member of USAA and have even encouraged our son to consider interviewing for a job. My husband was an officer in the Navy and served in Viet Nam. 46+ yrs. of membership. All of his children are members of USAA. I have 3 very close friends who worked for USAA and have since retired. I'm sure they are more than upset and our sons will need to decide if they will continue their membership. Sean Hannity is basically the only true American patriot left in the media.  Rachel Madcow, Jake Tapper and Chris Matthews are NOT journalists and do not support the opinions of the majoirity of the US Military. Trolls commenting otherwise on this site, are exactly that. The first rule of marketing is....KNOW YOUR TARGET MARKET! Obviously, USAA needs to regroup and remember who supports you and why you have your jobs today! My suggestion: GET A BACKBONE and stop hiring snowflakes!

by Brucecap
‎05-31-2017 12:18 PM
So glad your back advertising on Fox. I believe you should advertise where your companies beliefs are! Don't worry about being politically correct. Thanks saved me from looking for new company. And don't listen to these fake posts saying their GOP they are RINOS or fake Lefters.
by Centurions
‎05-31-2017 12:35 PM - edited ‎05-31-2017 12:45 PM

Since corporate USAA is so senstive about advertising on controversial, opinion-based shows, I assmue you'll be immediately pulling ALL advertisement off of CNN as a result of Kathy Griffin's grotesque photos depicting President Trump's severed head?  Ms. Griffin is a CNN employee and her actions make ANYTHING on Hannity's Show meaningless.  If  USAA likes to take stands on decency, why not take one in this case?  Otherwise, you've been lying to your customers and is one big joke!!!  The mask had come off and we all realize that USAA has been deceiving us the entire obviously think very little of our values, just like the main stream liberal media that you've sold out to...

by TexNat
‎05-31-2017 12:36 PM

If your apology and reinstatements are to be believed, what happened to the "opinion disclaimer"?


"The views and opinions expressed on this *** are soley those of the original authors and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of *** " 



by pgr511
‎05-31-2017 01:01 PM

I've been a member for over 30 years. I'm not sure I understand the benefits of USAA advertising it's services since membership is restricted to service members and their family members. As far as people getting upset by decision to advertise all various media, that seems silly. A balanced approach is preferable . 

by Mac52
‎05-31-2017 01:32 PM
I,d never thought USAA would ever stoop into Leftist Playbook of Obstruction! If USAA continues THAT Policy, I will drop my membership. That's Insurance Life, Home, Auto, Banking, Investments, and Loans.
by red hot
‎05-31-2017 01:56 PM

Please consider your future policy carefully.  I don't want to leave USAA after 50 years of doing business with you, but using my money to promote lies that are endangering our country may force me to change our checking, savings, credit card and insurance to other companies and to urge my kids to do likewise.  


I don't like the national advertising and general growing the business you have been indulging in for the last several years.  My pride in USAA has dropped considerably but that you are now claiming that Hannity is a "strong supporter of the military" when all he does is wrap himself in the flag and spread lies that hurt our country and thus our military has changed that former pride to shame.


Think about what you will do next.  Please.

by ckinmb
‎05-31-2017 02:04 PM

I am truly disturbed by USAA's reinstating its advertising on Hannity's fake new shows.  The backlash against Hannity was because he insisted -- with no evidence, proof or source-- that Seth Rich was murdered because of a left wing conspiracy.  It is completely untrue.   100% false.  Fox News itself retracted the story and the family begged him to stop spreading the lies.  He insisted on it anyway, which made people around the country demand a change/apology/retraction.  USAA's backpedalling is disappointing and seems like a craven attempt to satisfy the demands of rabid conservatives. 


I feel like this highlights a larger issue with our country -- that people excuse bad actors as long as they are a member of their own party -- to the point where Rs I know are arguing that collusion with Russia is a positive for this country!  It is truly unbelievable.


by Ringmaster
‎05-31-2017 02:16 PM
The USAA CEO has been "visibly" absent and silent throughout this PR fiasco. He is the "commander" and should take responsibility. Further, the Board should take a hard look at the current corporate stewardship.
by kpsc
‎05-31-2017 02:58 PM
I don't understand why any advertising is needed for USAA. But if you must, it should never be on any political news program. That's a line that should never have been crossed to begin with. I am very unhappy that you chose to go back to advertising on Hannity.
by Carebear16
‎05-31-2017 03:54 PM
Well I've been with usaa for over 40 years and I'm not going anywhere. USAA has always been there for our family, including past family members that are no longer with us. They have always had fair rates, as well as handling claims for us during emergencies etc.. I personally don't care about this political stuff going on. I think people should think twice before leaving this Darn good company ! We will never leave USAA.
by Texasgolfer
‎05-31-2017 03:56 PM

I recommend during your review of advertising policies that you drop all ads to all political shows.  You are in a lose lose on that situation.  Secondly I believe USAA advertises too much.  USAA has reached the point of deminishing returns to attract new customers.  The membership is closed to certain categories, and all members know how to add their children as members.  Everytime I see a USAA ad at a sporting event, I always say "USAA is wasting money"!  Save money and reduce our premiums.

by Halibut
‎05-31-2017 04:02 PM

As a 50+ year member, I was disappointed to learn from a story in the newspaper that you were advertising on "opinion" television programming.  I cannot see what benefit our Association receives from involving itself in this type of programming where no matter which side of the argument is chosen to sponsor, the opposite side of the argument includes good USAA members who will be disappointed by your choice.  This seems to me to be defeating the very reason we have chosen to spend large sums of money to advertise, at all.


Please stop all advertising to "opinion" type television and other media, and include the saved money in our members subscriber savings accounts!

by Clp Dave
‎05-31-2017 04:09 PM
I like the Ad policy you have in place . I will remind you that Fox while claiming Military suport do no care about us. They patronize , and say all the thoughts a prayers but there actions show me differant . Should USAA revese its policy and run ads on Hannity our 39 yr relationship Will come to an end . Thank you and keep up the good work
by Former Army wife
‎05-31-2017 04:43 PM

I'm disturbed to learn that USAA has resumed advertising on Sean Hannity's show. It's not his right-wing views that are at issue here, but his peddling of utterly false conspiracy theories about the death of Seth Rich, even after his theories have been repudiated by his own network.  As long as Sean Hannity is continuing to cause pain and suffering to the bereaved parents of Seth Rich, USAA should avoid supporting his show in any form.


The safest approach would be to avoid advertising on any opinion shows, since (as other commenters have noted) USAA's members have diverse views, and the company risks alienating its own members by supporting views that some find controversial.  Better yet, stop advertising -- USAA's customer base knows who you are and how to find you.

by SR7
‎05-31-2017 05:03 PM

I have been a USAA member for a little over 50 years.  I am a retired Air Force Colonel.  Unlike some of the complainers who have posted, I have had nothing but positive experiences with USAA for the entire 50 years.


I strongly oppose USAA, an organization that I have always been proud of, advertising on "opinion" type programs.  While I agree with most of the negative views posted about Hannity, I also do not support the views expressed by liberal stations like MSNBC.  (I davoid watching either one.)


Most importantly, I am totally appaled about the current polarization in our country and frankly worry that it may well threaten the fabric of our democracy.  And, I believe that the constant drumbeat from both the left and the right on opinion shows feeds the polarization frenzy.  Please do not encourage them with USAA support.


Finally, I really like the Halibut post above, and quote from it:  "Please stop all advertising to "opinion" type television and other media, and include the saved money in our members subscriber savings accounts!"

by Wally1234
‎05-31-2017 05:45 PM - edited ‎05-31-2017 06:20 PM

As a 48 year member I am tired of hearing filth from shows like cnn, madow, msnbc, and all the other fake news stations presenting 'views' and FAKE news from SORE LOSERS - when you pay for advertsing on those shows you are supporting their polltical views. Most of these 'shows' HATE conservatives, HATE the United States,  HATE U.S. laws, and HATE anything to do with religion or acting within the laws of ou country. They are HARDLY the 'backbone' of our country. WE ARE! These people do not want USAA, they want PR*GRESSIVE insurance products - THAT company openly supports ALL the liberal leftists causes that exist.

If you want to support SOLID Ameircan citizens then advertising on shows that attract that type of person is what you SHOULD do.

The latest little stunt on cnn of brining out the President's 'severed head' - remiscient of isis - is totally disgusting and an obvious showing of how far those stations will go. It shows what they would REALLY like to do to those of us who don't share their views.

As for the members who don't want you advertising on shows like hannity? thye are welcome to their views - THEY aren't paying the bills.

I am also TIRED of events being BURIED by leftists as 'conspiracy theories' when the same people are accusing our President of 'collusion' for 10 months WITHOUT ANY PROOF! There are enough bodies surrounding clinton escapades that NEED investigating.


by dmax
‎05-31-2017 06:17 PM - edited ‎05-31-2017 06:41 PM
Your company’s refusal to advertise on political opinion television shows, shows which are designed to cause dissent and conflict in order to attract viewers, was the right thing for USAA to have done. Those shows exacerbate the anger and mistrust between our citizens without helping us to understand and work through differences. They ultimately hurt and divide America.
But, the company’s about face in response to the angry, paranoid, hyper-right who disagreed with you was the wrong thing, and shows that USAA lacks consistent vision, necessary for a stable future.
I’ve been a USAA member for more than four decades, my wife and children are, and my Air Force father was a proud member as well. 
By showing that your company, when confronted by differing opinions or difficult situations, retreats and makes wrong choices, it no longer represents my values, or those of the military and our nation.
I’ll begin transitioning my assets out of the company and closing all accounts.
Since USAA might pay attention to the voices of its members. Please go through the posts above and below this one and be sure to add your agreeing thumbs-up so it's clear that posters are single, aberrant opinions. There seem to be a lot of us who feel the same.
by magsnpt
‎05-31-2017 06:26 PM

All of these right wingers on this thread supporting a conspiracy theorist who has made the life of an American family just miserable for his own gain, and continues to do so, on a station known for predators, nevermind the predator in chief that some on this thread seem to be looking for us all to respect.  Really USAA?  I don't know what you've done or not done about your policy since 2011 but two wrongs don't make a right.

by Buyer Beware2
‎05-31-2017 06:32 PM - edited ‎05-31-2017 06:33 PM

Can't wait until the next proxy card comes to vote for the Board of Directors.  Rest assured that I will never, ever vote for anyone currently serving in any leadership position at USAA.  It's only 1 vote, but I will take great joy in denying it to any and all currently serving on the Board.

by 30YrsAFRetired
‎05-31-2017 06:49 PM

Way too late USAA.  So, you changed your mind.  Well, I didn't change mine.  I started the divorce process today after an almost 30 year relationship with you.  Opened two accounts at Navy Federal and my process of leaving you for my auto, homeowners insurance and investments has begun.  You can not be trusted.  First you tell an all out lie (and don't tell me you just "mis-spoke") and then you try to cover it up and insult your customer base by believing that we are that stupid?!?!  What a bunch of elitist jerks you are.  I can't trust you, and when trust has been broken in a relationship the relationship must end.  There is this thing called integrity, and USAA has none.  You brought politics (and YOUR view into this), and that is yet another reason I choose to end my relationship with you. 

by Mountain Guy
‎05-31-2017 06:57 PM

We have been USAA members for over 40 years.  Your decision to remove advertising from the Hannity show was a shock to the system.  Fox News Network is the ONE network that shows support for President Trump and the military.  CNN and MSNBC have become unwatchable in our home.  They are so biased in their continual negative reporting against our president.  It's such a constant barage of trash talk, I can't stand to listen anymore.  If you prefer not to advertise on opinion shows, fine, but please choose to spend ad dollars on networks and programs which don't have an agenda to bring down President Trump, ridicule traditional family values or bash our police officers and military forces.

by SeldomComment
‎05-31-2017 09:32 PM

Member for over 30 years.  Was considering moving all of my assets, cards, policies upon hearing of USAA's decision to pull ads from Hannity or any other show.  Will wait since I heard of reconsideration of pulling ads.  The initial move to pull ads was based upon pressure from an obviously politically polarized boycott.  USAAs choice to pull based upon the boycott and email campaign was a seriously junior varsity move.  Sell insurance and quit blowing in the political winds.  Advertise where you will get the customers you need.  I'll be a solid member for 30 more years when I hear another ad on Hannity.

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Wendy Poling

Wendy Poling

Wendy is a social media strategist and founder of, featuring a popular military spouse blog and the hit podcast Navy Wife Radio and now Military Life Radio. She is the wife of a submariner who has also served in Afghanistan.

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Charles Pratt

Charles "Chazz" Pratt

Charles "Chazz" Pratt III is a former U.S. Army Captain who made the Military-to-Civilian career transition in 1994. In his book, The Fort Living Room Transition Course, he shares valuable tips & tricks to help you succeed. Since his transition from the military, he's worked for several Fortune 500 companies, including Pfizer, Genentech, and St. Jude Medical, among others.

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Joseph Montanaro

Joseph "J.J." Montanaro

Joseph "J.J." Montanaro is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.

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