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Borton headshot.jpgChad Borton will join USAA on May 15 as our new bank president. He will report to USAA EVP and Chief Operating Officer, Carl Liebert, and will be a member of USAA’s executive council.


“Chad has the right vision and expertise to lead USAA through one of the most exciting periods in banking,” said Stuart Parker, CEO of USAA. “He brings invaluable insights into changing consumer demands and emerging trends, having directed consumer banking in some of the nation’s largest financial institutions. As a former Army officer, he understands the everyday financial needs and struggles of the military community, especially among those actively serving.”


Prior to joining USAA, Chad served as EVP and head of consumer banking for Fifth Third Bank. He was responsible for retail and business banking, digital banking, auto lending, mortgage and consumer credit, collections, and business controls.


Before joining Fifth Third, he served in several senior leadership positions for JP Morgan Chase, including head of branch administration, consumer bank CFO, and head of retail distribution network. Prior to joining JP Morgan Chase, he held roles at McKinsey & Co. and Wachovia.


He graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor of science in economics and public policy. He received an MBA from Harvard Business School.


“As a member for nearly 25 years, I’m honored to join USAA and help build on its legacy of exceptional customer service for the military community,” said Borton. “USAA’s focus on innovation and its impeccable reputation position it for an exciting future.”




I hope things do not change too much. I look forward to another 25 years and though I am not sure why the old President stepped down. :)



AR Grover

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Hum.... concerning.Why a new guy.Dont change to much I will look around.Keep doing great work!!!

I've been a member for 22 years. Here is something the new guy can change: STOP holding random people's money for 10 days when they deposit by mobile! My daughter couldn't pay her rent because this bank decided to hold a deposited money order and check for 10 days, and she isn't the first one this has happened to, happens all the time and why? It's not like we can just "run to the bank" and deposit checks when you have very few satellite banks around the country. I don't really want to switch all of my accounts and I had quite a few to Navy Federal but it's looking better all the time. USAA usually has great customer service but this practice should not be allowed!

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Why in the h does usaa require me to discontinue joint ownership regarding flex retirement annuities. USAA policy? if not whose policy. No gobblygook, please. Just the direct answer please.
USAA Service
USAA Service

Thank you for your post, noone. I am sharing your question with the appropriate area to ensure you receive follow-up to address your concern. Thank you. -Meredith

USAA Service
USAA Service

Swit9, we appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback regarding your daughter's hold experience. I regret the frustration and disappointment this has caused for her. Each deposit, with the exception of direct deposits and wire transfers, is subject to our deposit hold policy. We review each transaction to determine if a hold should be placed based on account activity, history, balance history and deposit history. Due to compliance purposes, holds cannot be removed earlier than the set time provided at the time of the deposit. Your feedback is important to us, and I will be sharing your comments for review. Thank you for reaching out. -Meredith

I completely agree with swit9, held checks and money orders don't take more than 3 business days for federal reserve funds to be transferred. In a study, I found 12 different checks from all different financial institutions took no more than 3 days to deposit from the federal reserve. In light of this, it is obvious that USAA has unethical policies.
USAA Service
USAA Service

Djikon, thank you for your post. We want to ensure your concerns are reviewed and addressed with a team of business specialists. We value your membership, and don't want you to be frustrated with us. I have located your information and am engaging the appropriate area to review and follow-up. -Meredith

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I am very sorry to hear that USAA has decided to stop sponsoring Sean Hannity on Fox. Is this due to his political views? I've been with this company for over 50 years. I would be extremely disappointed (and so would be my investment accounts) if that were true.

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Why did USAA pull advertising from the Sean Hannity show?
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I was having to wait an hour to cool down before I posted on here asking what in the HECK are you guys thinking cancelling your sponsorship on Sean Hannity show?


I thought you were sooooo above the Democrats and Liberals, a group of the most evil kind of people known on this face of the earth


Going around stirring up trouble to get people fired and destroying people lives everywhere they go!


I along with many thousands of people I've talked to on a forum that they were done with you guys!


I want you to reconsider this decision and get back on with Sean.  He is so above all those idiots who are stirring this Country up by going around destroying people's lives.  Why would you guys of all people participate in their mess? WHY?


Military is nothing the libs don't like and it's bad enough your letting everyone in that will give you money, but please reconsider this mess you have done!


A faithful customer of yours hoping to be for a long time, but this is so devastating to many people and we want you to stop and think what you are doing!

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I forgot to ask you whether or not you were a Democrat and if you are, then this tells me and everyone out there why you did this.


End of story

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I had hoped USAA would have shown more backbone against those trying to undermine this elected government. I feel this company does not have the same values (God, Family, Country) as I was lead to believe. I will be moving my accounts elsewhere as I support our President and therefore feel it necessary to protect a news source that provides for dialog and not  just "Trump " bashing. USAA has caved, no matter what spin is put on it so they can do without my contribution.

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I wonder if this guy is responsible for the whole Hannity issues on social media right now??  I would like to know what his personal passions and convictions are in reference to politics and such.  I can't imagine that USAA, who is suppose to be for the military, would place a liberal nut in this kind of position. Any thoughts out there??

Chad Borton joins as CEO and starts making STUPID DECISIONS. The advertisement with Sean Hannity is important to many of us because he is a role model for what we believe in. It is amazing that when he starts to uncover an important story YOU,CHAD decide to change the rules. Are you just another Swamp person? Some one to fight against at the next election. I will remember this and be sure everyone is reminded at the next election of board members so that we can support the honorable people in stead of backstabbing them. I want to see the advertisement added back to Hannity and more given.
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After decades of membership it is sad to see USAA get into politics like this.

I have Served my County and Count get to money for X number of day i dont thank that not good business sd thid pont you all have cost my money and in embarrassment at my outher bank that i put the money back in. Ill be cancelling my accounts. You used to be very good to deal with but now you are not.

USAA Service
USAA Service

@K9eji, We received your Facebook posts about this issue and responded moments ago. Please review our reply at your convenience. Thank you. ~DC

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I am a 43-year member. I have tried to ensure a new piece of jewelry for 3 weeks. I have provided all the data USAA requested. I am holding at the present time, with a rep who will not put me through to a supervisor or anyone who can answer my questions. The only answer I have been given is that I have a lot of

property insured and now under righting needs to evaluate my policy.  I have never missed a payment. I will pay the bill so what difference does that make,  As I pointed out to all the people I have spoken with, that if the ring is lost or stolen I will have to sue USAA.  USAA is putting us a jeopardy. In the 43 years of being a member, I have ensured items of greater value without ay question.  

Unfortunately,  this is the second major screw up from USAA in 2 months.  For a company that prides itself on excellent customer care, these episodes are of concern.   Having invested 43 years with USAA, I do not want to be forced into changing insurance companies. 

Also, there needs to be a directory of senior officers available.  No representative would give me the phone numbers of the CEO, President, or VP of customer service.  The top management needs to be aware of problems that members are having with USAA.