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USAA CEO and President Announces Retirement in 2015

‎02-21-2014 09:57 AM

Joe Robles_0129_3.jpgFeb. 21, 2014 – USAA CEO and President, Maj. Gen. Josue “Joe” Robles Jr., U.S. Army (Ret.), announced today that he will retire from USAA in the first quarter of 2015.


 “It has been my privilege to work at USAA for nearly 20 years. However, in early 2015, it will be time for me to pass leadership of this great association to the next CEO,” said Robles. “Retiring one year from now will be the right time for USAA, and right for my family and me.”


“Joe is one of the most effective, caring and enlightened leaders I’ve ever known, and the board is grateful to him for USAA’s many accomplishments during his tenure as CEO,” said USAA Chairman of the Board Gen. Lester Lyles, USAF (Ret.). “We’re also very grateful to Joe for giving us the benefit of having a full year to select his successor and manage a smooth transition. The board of directors has long had a succession plan in place, which includes a comprehensive internal and external search for USAA’s next CEO. We expect to announce our selection by the end of 2014.


“Be assured, the qualities we have come to know about Joe Robles are the qualities we seek in his successor, including devotion to military and their families, deep appreciation and respect for our employee team that is the finest workforce in America, keen business and financial acumen, and unquestionable ethics.”


Robles has been instrumental in expanding USAA membership eligibility to all who have ever honorably served in the U.S. military and their eligible family members. Under Robles’ leadership, USAA has grown 53 percent in members, 45 percent in revenue, 68 percent in net worth, and 59 percent in assets owned and managed – all during one of the worst U.S. economic downturns in recent history. During that same period, which included some of the costliest catastrophe years in USAA history, USAA returned $7.3 billion to members and customers through dividends, distributions, bank rebates and rewards, and remained among just a handful of companies to earn the highest possible ratings for financial strength from Moody’s, A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s.


“Joe has established a successful strategy for USAA that is enduring. He is a passionate guardian of USAA’s reputation for outstanding member service and as a great place to work,” added Lyles. “He is also committed to advocating for military families, and has guided the association to a leadership role in hiring veterans and military spouses, establishing USAA as a role model for all American corporations.”


With more than 30 percent of USAA’s new hires in 2013 being veterans and military spouses, Robles and USAA are part of the White House Joining Forces initiative. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes program presented its highest award for Veteran and Military Spouse Employment to USAA. And USAA is recognized as the No. 1 employer of veterans by G.I. Jobs magazine.


After serving on the USAA Board of Directors from 1990 to 1994 while on active duty, Robles joined the company in 1994 as CFO and Controller. He also served as Corporate Treasurer and Chief Administrative Officer before assuming the role of CEO and President in 2007. Prior to USAA, Robles was recognized numerous times for service and honor during his distinguished 28-year career in the U.S. Army, where he served as commanding general of the 1st Infantry Division (The Big Red One) among other notable assignments.


Under Robles’ tenure, USAA has ranked No. 1 for customer service, satisfaction or advocacy by Bloomberg Businessweek, MSN Money and the American Association of Individual Investors, among others. No. 1 place-to-work rankings include Computerworld magazine, G.I. Jobs magazine, Military Spouse magazine, and many other workplace accolades from publications like FORTUNE, Latina Style and Diversity/Careers magazine.

by mikefrancese ‎02-21-2014 05:28 PM
Joe's legacy will be remembered by new members like myself and my family because of his vision to extend to our military men and women membership under USAA Legacy Program. Thanks Joe!
by Lisa78 ‎02-22-2014 01:18 PM

General Robles has done more to bring back the meaning of customer service, honoring service members, and giving back to the community than any other leader of this agency. He is one of the finest examples of a true leader.

by pinetree ‎02-25-2014 12:29 PM

As the search for a new USAA ceo continues i suggest that consideration be given to former SPUR's player, USAA member, former US navy officer, rising business star an otherwise great American  David Robinson This man represents what it means to be an American.


I can only dream what this could mean to the future of a wonderful company like USAA...



by Dobie ‎02-28-2014 06:35 AM
General Robles, Although I hate to see you go, you deserve your "time in the sun now." Because of your leadership with USAA, you have encouraged myself and many other veterans to join up with USAA. All of the new innovative technologies that you and your crew have put into place, makes USAA #1 in my opinion, and will continue into the future. USAA is #1 in customer service, at least to me and my family. That comes from great leadership from the top down. Your employees always seem to go the "extra mile" for us and are the friendliest people anyone would want to do business with. I encourage everyone I meet to join if they qualify. If they do, they thank me for telling them the "secret" of USAA. Joe, hoping you have the best retirement party ever and we will be thinking and thanking you every time we see those initials, USAA. Craig Dobis E-5 Navy - Swift Boats Canton, Michigan
by RobbyTJ2002 ‎02-28-2014 09:15 PM
Joe, from a current serving A.F. vet, and 11+ year member, I wish you god speed and a blessed and relaxing retirement. May you and your family enjoy all of time ahead. You deserve it!
by Anonymous 31 ‎03-09-2014 05:28 AM
I never served in the military. I work with UPS and we have a strong reputation of employing vets...I personally have hired many. I joined USAA during an open enrollment period for non military persons only to find that I have "limited membership". I can't even use the mobile deposit check feature. I believe that your company is doing me and all other non-military persons an injustice by inviting us to place our hard earned money with you and then not affording us the same "banking" services offered to military members. I hope that you correct this imbalance.
by AlwaysHonest ‎10-03-2014 03:56 PM
Wonderful. Do we have an honest person at the helm yet?

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