USAA Bank Launches: Pay Two Days Early, Reduced Fees, Expanded ATM Network



Just in time for the holidays, USAA Federal Savings Bank made changes on December 9th that will make a difference for members with checking or savings accounts.

  • You could get paid faster—members with direct deposit could have access to funds up to two days early1.

  • We’ve eliminated the $2 ATM service fee charged for withdrawals at non-USAA ATMs. 2

  • To make it even sweeter, we’ve expanded our ATM network, too. Now our members have access to more than 100,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. You can find the ATM nearest you. Click here

  • In addition to these changes, we’ve also removed the $29 non-sufficient funds fee for each transaction that’s declined or returned unpaid.


These changes are part of a larger effort to help our members better manage their finances and make their lives simpler. We know military life is highly mobile and you can’t predict or plan for every life moment. Our goal is always to provide outstanding banking experiences and allow members easy access to their accounts on their terms, anytime, anywhere3. We’ll continue to look for more ways to provide value-added services; USAA is focused on empowering the financial security of our members.

1 Early access to direct deposit funds is based on when USAA Federal Savings Bank receives notice of payment from the payer, which is generally one to two business days before the scheduled payment date. Early access is not available for USAA payroll direct deposited into a USAA Federal Savings Bank account.

2 When you use a non-USAA ATM, you may incur surcharge, usage, or other fees charged by the ATM operator or network. FSB refunds up to $10 per monthly statement cycle in non-USAA ATM surcharge or usage fees for transactions made at non-USAA ATMs. 1% Foreign Transactions Fee may apply. See the Account and Service Fee Schedule for details.

3 Account access restrictions may apply to mobile/web access in certain countries.



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